Five Picks: Winter Skin Care
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Winters are trying times for your skin. Like your wardrobe, you need to change your skincare to suit the cold months.

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Five Picks: Winter Skin Care

Winters are trying times for your skin. Like your wardrobe, you need to

change your skincare to suit the cold months. Remember those

advertisements that talk about reduced radiance during the winters?

Instead of investing in a generic cold cream, prepare your skin with proper

skincare techniques and methods. Here we will talk about five things that

you should do to prepare your skin for the winters.

Exfoliate Everyday

Dead skin cells are a regular feature during winters, which is why you need

to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis. If you let dead skin cells rule on your

skin, overtime it will become dry and coarse. This happens much faster

during the winters. Exfoliation, apart from keeping your skin hydrated, also

keeps it moisturized. With this exercise, you will find new, moist skin cells

along the surface of your skin, making it glow and keeping it radiant. You

can even use gel based cleansers for better results. Wash skin with cold

water. Stay away from hot or warm water during the winters as that can

cause adverse effects on your skin.

Use Skin Moisturizers

Vitamin E is important for your skin, which is why your winter skin care

routine should include this essential vitamin. Use a moisturizer that has

good amount of Vitamin E, Shea Butter and other natural moisturizing

elements for the best results. As a result of a good moisturizer, you will see

your skin remain radiant and healthy even during the winters. These

ingredients are necessary as they not only keep your skin in the perfect

condition during winters, but also help preserve the moisturizer. There are

natural skin moisturizers that you can use to keep your skin healthy.

Go for a Night Hydrating Cream

Skin care while you sleep is the best way to rejuvenate the skin, and get

back its radiance. Many of you suffering from a dry or oily skin type,

regardless of your exfoliation techniques, will notice that your skin remains

unbalanced during the winters. The result of this can be dead skin cells or

acne and blackheads that spoil the look of your skin. If you are suffering

from excessive dry skin, consider using a hydrating night cream that will

help with reparative actions on your skin. While you are fast asleep, the

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cream penetrates through your skin, and moisturizes deep down into the

skin for a lasting effect.

Protect with a Scarf

When the cold winds penetrate your skin, it can cause irritation, which is

why you need to protect the skin during winters. Wear a scarf that can keep

the skin away from the cold winds, and ensure it does not go dry. The scarf

should cover your neck, chin and cheeks and protect the forehead while

you are traveling.

Increase Water Intake

During winters and because of the cold weather outside, your amount of

water intake reduces significantly. To take care of your skin, your water

intake should be good during these months. Define your water intake for

this period, so that your body and system remains hydrated during the

months. 9-13 cups of water should work well for the months of winter.

You can easily win winter over in these five ways. Include natural skincare

products in your healthy winter regime for radiant skin.