How to Pick Natural Skin Care Products for Acne?
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How to pick natural skin care products for acne? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you have acne prone skin or, you battle with acne owing to other reasons, you need to find products that suit your skin type and help win your battle against acne.

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How to Pick Natural Skin Care Products for Acne?

If you have acne prone skin or, you battle with acne owing to other reasons,

you need to find products that suit your skin type and help win your battle

against acne. There are a lot of skincare products and cosmetics available in

the market, but choosing any one randomly can worsen your acne, and

leave spots and marks along your skin.

Here we will take you through a few points that will help you choose the

best suited product for your acne prone skin, and get rid of the problem

over time.

What's your Skin Type?

Determining your skin type will help you realize the best natural skin care

products for your skin. This is specifically true if you have acne prone skin

or if you are regularly battling with acne. The skin type and your overall

lifestyle can help you buy the right products for your skin, thus reducing

the attacks of acne instead of worsening the situation.

If you have oily skin, you should go for light-weight lotions or gel based

products for the best results. If you have dry skin, you will need thick

lotions to battle out the situation. Ingredients in your skin care products

will be determined based on the sensitivity posed by your skin. If you have

sensitive skin, you will need reduced concentration of these ingredients in

your products.

Keep it Moisturized

A lot of us live with this misconception that acne prone skin doesn't require

moisturizers. That's not true! In fact, like any other skin type, acne prone

skin should also be moisturized with the right skin care products. The

treatment products that you use for acne can cause dryness in your skin,

which needs a moisturizer. The moisturizers for your acne skin should be

light-weight, and should be non-comedogenic as they don't clog the pores.

You should not include creams with cocoa butter, mineral oil or, other

types of cold cream in your skin care regime, as they are heavy for the acne


Scrubs for Acne

A scrub or a mask for your acne skin may not prove to be fruitful. According

to dermatologists, it makes sense to choose a gentle and non-abrasive

cleanser to cleanup your face on a regular basis, instead of investing in

expensive face masks or scrubs. When you have acne or, your skin is acne

prone, you need to make sure exfoliation is a gentle process. You can use

natural ingredients such as honey, lime juice, etc. for exfoliating the skin.

Make sure you rub these on your skin in a gentle manner.

Choosing Makeup

Going out for a party? Troubled with the acne or spots on your face? You

can always cover them up with the right cosmetics spread in the right

amount on your face. But, for the acne skin choosing the right ingredients

in your cosmetics plays an important role. The makeup you are applying

should not suffocate the skin or clog your pores. For acne skin, greasy or

heavy makeup should be avoided. Light and natural makeup that covers the

spots is the best choice.

Make sure you apply minimum foundation on the skin, and opt for a good

BB cream for your face. You can even use mineral makeup for your skin to

keep up with its good health. Non-comedogenic products should be your

ideal choice, when choosing skin care products for your oily or acne prone

skin. Don't miss out on these points the next time you go to purchase

cosmetics for your skin.