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Complete Guide on how to Store Cigars PowerPoint Presentation
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Complete Guide on how to Store Cigars

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Complete Guide on how to Store Cigars - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Complete Guide on how to Store Cigars
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  1. Complete Guide on How to Store Cigars By : Mike's Cigars Mike's Cigars Distributors, Inc 1030 Kane Concourse Bay Harbor, FL 33154 Toll Free : 800-962-4427 Fax : 305-866-7977 Email : Web :

  2. Storage of cigars is an important thing to consider. Cigars are prone to damage if the correct temperature and humidity is not maintained. Hence with the use of a humidor, cigars can be kept fresh for longer periods of time. Although, there are other methods of storing cigars but none is as effective as the humidor. What is it that one looks for when it comes to cigars? There is an exceptional quality, a classiness that is associated with the smoking of a cigar. It is considered most suave and lends an attitude to one’s personality. But just as distinctive one appears with a cigar in hand, there are special ways to treat a cigar too.

  3. The following are the considerations when one speaks of cigars, it should… Draw easily burn steadily- no uneven or rapid burning Release its optimum flavour- no bitter or harsh taste Play desirably with your palate Stay clear of tobacco beetle infestation And henceforth, cigars need to be stored well. If this

  4. is overlooked then all of the above criterion may not play out well. What are the optimum temperature conditions to store a cigar? Cigars should be preferably kept below a maximum temperature of 23 degree Celsius and between 68- 74% humidity. Ideally, it is a 21 degrees Celsius (70 degrees fahenheit) and 70% humidity for the correct storage of the cigars. Humidors- the reliable way to store a cigar Humidors are a kind of airtight box or container or even a room that maintains a constant humidity. It helps in retaining the moisture of a cigar. The size of a humidor depends on the amount of cigars required to be stored. A good humidor will always have a humidifier and a hygrometer. But there are instances when such accompanying devices are bought separately. The humidifier is a device that is used to to retain the moistness of a room. The hygrometer is a device that measures the humidity of the air in a given space.

  5. Spoken in a gist then, the humidifier does the following tasks- Regulate optimum temperature Maintain the desired humidity Keep the cigar protected from any other damage What are humidors made of? Humidors are generally made of wood. But it is imperative that the wood chosen to make the humidors be of a very good quality- one that can

  6. withstand the levels of humidity that is required to keep the cigars fresh. Additionally, it should have foster stability in temperature. Type of construction for the humidors It is not always necessary that cigar storage cases be made of solid wood. A humidor made out of Spanish cedar generally works out to be a very expensive option. Hence, people also prefer veneer wood construction. In this type of construction, the desired wood type forms just the interior lining of the case. Also, since Spanish cedar or such wood types like the American Red Cedar and Honduran Mahogany chosen to make the humidors are very soft, it makes them prone to unintentional damages. Some do s and don’t s when it comes to storing cigars- Since tobacco is a natural vegetable product, it should be kept away from all the places where it can be prone to growing fungus and moulds. They should be kept away from fluctuations in temperature. If this is not observed, it is seen that the wrappers split open. It is possible to store cigars in tightly sealed zip

  7. seal bags. But ensure that when it is opened to retrieve the cigars, it receives its airing which is required to keep them moist. Cigars can be refrigerated to a certain extent but it cannot be a long term solution to keep them good. Some think that an apple can be used to keep cigars fresh. They even put a slice of the fruit in the boxes in which the cigars are kept. But they fail to realise that apple attracts moulds which the cigars intrinsically needs to avoid. Humidors come in all sizes! Almost all major cigar companies also sell humidors

  8. and other accessories along with their selection of branded cigars. It generally depends on the amount of cigars needed to store, the amount of money one wishes to spend on it and whether one needs it to be handy to so that it can be taken around. There can be, say for instance, a 20 cigar travel humidor box in classy colours like black and cherry among others. Or one could alternatively also invest in a 100 cigar high gloss humidor, a product featured in So, if one wants the true blue experience of smoking a delectably flavoured cigar, it is important that it has been stored well. Only then will it be truly enjoyed the way it should be. And humidors are the universally accepted solution in storing cigars best.