Vitality the holistic approach
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Vitality! The Holistic Approach. Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel PhD. Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel Ph.D. Green Bay , Wisc . Ph.D. in Holistic Health (England) Ph.D. Traditional Naturopathy (Alabama) Ph.D. Integrated Medicine 95% done (Hawaii)

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Vitality the holistic approach

Vitality! The Holistic Approach

Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel PhD.

Dr jay p vanden heuvel ph d green bay wisc
Dr. Jay P. Vanden Heuvel Ph.D.Green Bay, Wisc.

  • Ph.D. in Holistic Health (England)

  • Ph.D. Traditional Naturopathy (Alabama)

  • Ph.D. Integrated Medicine 95% done (Hawaii)

  • C.F.T. (Cert. Flower Therapist, N.Y.), A.R.C.B. (Board Cert. Reflexologist/Instructor)

  • Board Cert. Holistic Health Practitioner

  • 20 yrs. private practice, over 17,000 clients

  • International Lecturer/Author

  • Divisional Manager NSP, TV, and Radio.

What is vitality or vital energy
What is vitality, or vital energy?

  • Vitality (vi-tal’i-te) the condition of being alive, as opposed to death or necrosis.

  • Vital Energy (vi’-tal) pertaining to life; necessary TO life!

I wish i had more energy
“I wish I had more Energy!”

  • One of the main reasons people seek alternatives.

  • Instead of people saying “I wish I had more Energy”, they should state “I wish I had more vital energy”!

  • Over 8 billion dollars were spent in 2012 just on energy drinks – Beverage Digest 2013

  • Glucoronolactone, processed sugar, & dyes, are not part of the lexicon of vital!

Law of conservative energy
Law of Conservative Energy

  • Law of Conservative Energy (Quantum) – Energy is the same through out the Universe.

  • 97% of the Universe we can’t see, but is it there?

  • There are atoms in your body as old as the universe.

  • So why don’t people feel like they have Conservative Energy or Vitality? There is enough to go around. Shouldn’t it have been replaced?

  • As in the definition of vitality, we need what pertains to life. Also, something most naturopaths don’t consider, life requires vitality and “consciousness”. (the ability to choose correctly).

Consciousness does matter
Consciousness does Matter!

  • Faulty medicine is based on faulty biology. Scientific is materialism/matter alone. If our bodies are machines, what about free will? It does not take into account consciousness (GOD).

  • We are not machines of matter. We can choose from dis-ease or health (freewill). To do so, we need empowerment! Knowledge of all that we are.

  • Fact: we know ALL cells have consciousness.

  • Planck in 1900 - even theorized proteins have consciousness!

Quantum physics
Quantum Physics

  • Quantum Physics (the physics of possibilities) helps prove vital energy exists in and around us and can be healed (not just the physical).

  • We have 5 senses and also 5 bodies:

  • Physical = sense, Vital = feel, Mental = think, Supramental = intellect, Bliss = limitless joy/soul). Jung'sTypology (2004).

  • To make DNA you need protein, to make protein you need DNA. Protein is a “living” molecule (doesn’t mean it is thinking). i.e. therefore, one cannot make a living cell in a lab.

  • Life is where QP takes place: Nonlocal (without signals), Discontinuity (1st a wave then a particle), Tangled Hierarchy (up and down causation). Life is infused into matter by injecting consciousness. OPTO ERGO SUM.

75 of medical care costs are due to chronic dis ease
75%of medical care costs are due to chronic dis-ease.

  • A scientist sees with eyes open – trial and error.

  • A naturopath sees with eyes closed – way more possibilities. ZEN.

  • Help customers understand vital energy. Make the unknown/known. Use imagery. Also encourage them to be patient. Healing takes time.

  • Why do we become healers? To heal ourselves. We learn from healing ourselves, to help others or how to do it.

  • So what’s missing from chronic care? The concentration on Vital energy.

Example of qp at work
Example of QP at work

  • QP is always at work with healing. To a surgeon – you can put 2 bones together, but it is “vital” energy that does the repair!

  • Fact: 2 bones outside the body - given blood and nutrients - still will not heal. Only vital energy can do this (part of the 5 bodies). Still with me? There are unseen forces at work every second of every day and those forces need to be “fed”.

Pay attention to vital energy
Pay attention to Vital Energy…

  • The physical body has to be healed (setting the bone) in order for the other 4 bodies to contribute to the whole (the fracture example).

  • But can dis-ease come from the other way? i.e. ever talk yourself into not feeling good?

  • Dis-ease, either way, can happen because the vital energies were not paid attention to.

  • So, in health and healing never say “never”. i.e. A boy in India (1949) who lost a leg, grew a new one over a year, because he saw a salamander do the same thing. So he thought “why can’t I”?

  • Example of mistreatment of Vital Energy: Angry Beef!

  • Another example: Baxter’s Experiment – Plants “feel” fear…and love!

  • -”Vibrational Medicine” Dr. Richard Gerber M.D.

Vital bodies need vital nutrients
Vital bodies need vital nutrients!

  • R. Sheldrake (1981) proved nonphysical vital energy (morphogenetic) fields are necessary to create physical. All 5 bodies need nutrition! (there is such a thing as “food for thought”).

  • Did you know just being in ones proximity (who is positive) creates positive health/thinking? You want to be happy yourself, just being around them. We are in one’s vitality more often than not – we feed off each other!

  • Generating vital energy (in all bodies), requires vital nutrients.

Vitality creative nutrition with the holistic approach is
Vitality (creative nutrition) with the holistic approach is:

  • Feed the 5 bodies: life giving supplements (herbs), whole foods, super foods, essential oils, flower therapy, music, color, prayer, meditation, yoga, Thai chi, qi-qong, reflexology, acupuncture (meridians), etc. An example of using vital creative nutrition for Asthma is “Singing”

  • Every food starts out with vital and physical energy included. Even cold food for a hot body is ok. Make sure food is vital. Travel disrupts “vata” - eat salt.

  • Tastes– salty, sweet, astringent, bitter, sour. No rule for cravings. Find what body is looking for. Best is when we satisfy all tastes. “Feel” for food/herbals.

  • Processing changes the vital energy. Fresh soup or canned? Cooking isn’t bad, it adds digestive force. But cook by sauté’, steam, stir fry, soft boil –never deep fry.

  • Food/supplements have to have a purpose – does it make you feel good?

When thinking about food supplements first feel for food supplements
When thinking about food/supplements, first – “feel” for food/supplements!

Food for thought feeling bliss
Food for thought/feeling/bliss?

  • Fast food – no vital energy. Made fast, angry, without love. Is it vital? What kind of restaurant would it be to focus on vital? Italy is into the slow food movement. Anything that slows down is good for us.

  • Is GMO food the same for the vital field as non GMO? Even though science says there is no difference, the genes (phenotype) has changed. But beyond physical? Can it be Vital? What about micro-waves? EMF’S?

  • Plain Synthetic Vitamins– are they helping the vital energy? Not if synthetic & without plants. Herbs are vital! If going to supplement, do so with vital energy supplements. Do you see the value of Natures Harvest?

Are all vitamins vital
Are all vitamins “vital”?

Top brand (toxic):

Super Supp./Super Trio:

Vital Nutrition Support – it even says so on the label!

Chlorophyll coated

Some chelation necessary

Unique macro & trace minerals

Herbal and Protector Shield Proprietary Blend of antioxidant fruits!

  • Sodium Selenite*

  • Nickelous Sulfate*

  • Chromic Chloride*

  • Sodium Borate (Borax)*

  • Cupric Oxide*

  • Macro minerals only

  • Chelated, coated with chemicals, dyes, and fillers - no phytonutrients

  • * barred from nations drinking water by EPA – added solely based on profit

  • Chemical isolates are no longer beneficial to life!

How do they get away with it
How DO they get away with it?

  • It is called the “Weight of Evidence” standard.

  • Inorganic and synthetic non-vitals are considered safe until proven guilty.

  • Burden of proof falls on lab tests from many epidemiological studies.

  • This hinges on the fact that proving toxicity in humans requires dangerous tests on humans. Any volunteers?

  • These chemical isolates (no synergy, no enzymes, etc.) may not be toxic in a “daily” small dose but, may build up over time.

Mega hertz nature s vital energy signature
Mega Hertz Nature’s Vital Energy Signature

  • A human brain uses about 4-8 watts of power per day.

  • If we built a computer to do the same computations, it would take a nuclear power plant the size of a city block to run it (the computer would be the same size). Future of the Mind - MichioKaku

  • So brains need more than physical power, they need vital power, non-local, and discontinuous!

  • Where would that come from?

Vital nutrients that s where mega hertz frequency cont
Vital nutrients, that’s where!” Mega Hertz frequency cont.

  • The health freq. of humans ranges about 58-65 mghtz.

  • Below 58 mghtz we start to feel “dis-ease”.

  • Herbs have mghtz freq. from 30 to 60! Contain minerals, enzymes. Chemical isolates have 0 mghtz.

  • Essential Oils radiate from 50-300.

  • Flower therapy radiates from 50-500.

  • Not about the highest number, it is accumulative and enhancing or even replacing what we lost.

  • Keep in mind (one of the bodies) different “bodies” act with different freq. Our job is to offer all of them.

Why nsp
Why NSP?

  • Because NSP has been in the vital energy business since 1972. Maintaining quality so no contaminants “change” the vitality of the supplement/whole food!

  • Sunshine Heroes coated with phytonutrients! Kid vitality.

  • NSP has a vast Herbal Proprietary inventory of vital energy.

  • Super Supplemental once it was “chlorophyll” coated? A customer told me “the new coated vitamin…I felt it.” versus the old one.

How vital is harvest
How “vital” is Harvest?

  • Nutrient dense –high phytonutrient/high vitality.

  • 49 green, whole, and super food ingredients.

  • 250 mg. ceremonial grade Matcha per serving (powerful EGCG antioxidant)!!

  • Vegan friendly, Non-GMO,Gluten free!

  • Orthomolecular (right molecule, right protein)

  • Definition of vital Energy: “pertaining to or necessary for life”. Remember proteins are similar to living molecules. “What’s in your smoothie”?

  • Stock number #3090-6

Creative intent
Creative Intent

  • A client walks into your store/office and asks if you sell “vitamins”?

  • After this workshop, now what is your response?

  • Use your mental body and create how can you include more “vitality” into their request, other than just answering yes?


  • Vital energy means pertaining to life, necessary to life. NSP has the products.

  • QP lets us know the “unseen” is there. FEEL it!

  • Pay attention to vital energies, using vital energy products from NSP!

  • Use herbs, whole foods, super foods, essential oils, and flower therapy, from NSP to amp up vital energy with every program. Use creative intent!

  • Thank you for your attendance!