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Friday August 8, 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Friday August 8, 2014

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Friday August 8, 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Friday August 8, 2014. Cognitive Commodity: Describe your first day of school. Use “SEQUENTIAL ORDER” (first, second, third). I need to take up the following:. Manilla folder with your name on it. - Should contain classroom procedures.

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Friday August 8, 2014

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    1. FridayAugust 8, 2014 Cognitive Commodity: Describe your first day of school. Use “SEQUENTIAL ORDER” (first, second, third).

    2. I need to take up the following: • Manillafolder with your name on it. - Should contain classroom procedures

    3. 1. Be prompt.2. Be prepared.3. Be polite.4. Be productive. Classroom Expectations…

    4. Textbooks ~You will NOT receive your own textbook this year. We will have a classroom set of textbooks, so you will not have to complete a textbook assessment form. ~You WILL receive a Readers Notebook and Common Core Companion.

    5. What is a normal day like in Mrs. Lareau’s class? • Everyday you will come in and begin your SSR time (Sustained Silent Reading) SUSTAINED: continuing for an extended period or without interruption • Someone will then read the I Can statements, the cognitive commodity will be completed, we will discuss it, and class will begin. COGNITIVE: of, relating to, being, or involving conscious intellectual activity (as thinking, reasoning, or remembering) COMMODITY: something that is useful or valued

    6. After an absence… • Look in the folder at the front of the room for your period. • Pull out any paperwork in your class period that has your name on it. • For each day you missed you have that many days to make up your work (not to exceed 5 days) • Someone in the group must remind your group member if he or she was absent. Help each other out!

    7. What are Mrs. Lareau’s rewards?? • C.H.I.P.= Caught Having Impressive Performance • Brownie Points (let me know if you have an allergy to brownies, and I will figure out another reward for you.

    8. Library We go to check out and return books every two weeks. There is an AWESOME lounge where students are able to sit and read, but make sure you have no pens or pencils with you! We want to keep it nice for Mrs. Lee. OUR CLASSROOM LIBRARY: You may check out books whenever you would like, but you must complete an index card with the book name, your name, and the date you checked it out.

    9. Some pretty relevant questions… • How should we line up to go somewhere? • What happens when I need a tissue or need to sharpen my pencil if we can’t get out of our desks? • Can we go to the bathroom as many times as we want? • How do we behave and do we have certain tasks when we are completing group work?

    10. Spotlighters • You will go straight to Spotlight every Wednesday, therefore you are responsible for any work due that day. • You will also go on the 3rd Friday of every month.

    11. Folders • Please get out your folders and write your names on them, and I will take them up.

    12. Task List • Time to assign some tasks for you.

    13. Review: • How are we dismissed? • How do we line up? • What do I do if I was absent from English class and missed work? • How may points will it count off if I leave my homework at home or turn it in a day late? • What is the deal with bathroom passes? How may do I have? • How do I check out Mrs. Lareau’s library books? • How often do we go to the school library?

    14. 1st quiz grade!!! Yay! • As partners, you will complete this.

    15. Ice Breakers: • All About Me… • Get to Know your Classmates

    16. Name Game "What's in a name? That which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet." • Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

    17. colorful, mind-mapped "ID Cards." The idea here is for you to mind map your passions, activities, hobbies, and anything else that you really love. If you are stuck, refer back to your Student Interest Inventory to rack your brain.

    18. Reading Journals

    19. Brain Break… Can you save Fred??? Fred, the gummy worm, can’t swim. So, he always has to wear a life preserver (the ring). However, his boat (the cup) capsized over before he put on his life preserver. It is your job to work together to get the life preserver on Fred, and the only rule is you cannot touch Fred, his boat, or the life preserver with your hands. The only “tool” you can use is the paper clip. What kind of team work and strategies could help you with this problem?