10 best cloud computing companies in america n.
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10 Best Cloud Computing Companies in America PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Best Cloud Computing Companies in America

10 Best Cloud Computing Companies in America

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10 Best Cloud Computing Companies in America

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  1. 10 Best Cloud Computing Companies in America

  2. CLOUD COMPUTING An innovation that was introduced into the, • American market at the onset as the cloud computing offers a variety of ways for businesses to increase their IT capacity. • Functionality without having to add infrastructure, personnel, and software. That has led to the country having an array of the best in cloud computing companies serving their market as well as globally.

  3. Ten Best Cloud Computing Companies In America 1. Amazon 2. Dimension Data 3. SalesForce 4. Microsoft 5. SoftLayer Technologies 6. CenturyLink 7. Google Cloud 8. Verizon Terremark 9. Citrix 10. Joyent

  4. Amazon • This company delivers a Software-as-a-Service platform. • Also launched cloud security services for companies that are seeking to be compliant. • Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Amazon • That offers an exceedingly wide spectrum of products and services for individuals as well as enterprises.

  5. Dimension Data • Company founded in the year 1983 in South Africa. • Operating in 50 countries, with a client base of over 6000. • An eminent name in the cloud servicesbusiness. • Pioneers in managed cloud solutions and cloud control protocols. • company has operations in all inhabited continents of the world.

  6. SalesForce • A keen focus on the intersection of mobile computing and social media. • It is innovating solutions with real time application emphasis. • First company to achieve revenue of $4 billion in a single year. • Sales force is ranked the most innovative company in America by the Forbes magazine.

  7. Microsoft • Headquartered in Redmond, Washington • Company is the forerunner of some of the most successful technological foundations of cloud computing. • It is developing cloud operating systems and capacity infrastructures, for other service providers. • A global leader in software development.

  8. Soft Layer Technologies • Founded in the year 2005, the company has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. • A largest privately held cloud computing company in the world. • IBM have recognized the importance of this company to the overall success of private clouds.

  9. CenturyLink • Headquartered in Monroe, Louisiana • Background in telecommunications, their knowledge of networking has been instrumental to their cloud shift. • Company delivers networking capacities for enterprises via the cloud quite successfully. • A multinational company specializing in communications and data services.

  10. Google Cloud • The internet gurus of search have also entered the cloud fray. • Google’s approach has been on the data aspect of the cloud. • Created a wide array of hosting solutions for data storage and analysis on Google Cloud. • Allows the users to build tailored applications and websites, store large volumes of data.

  11. Verizon Terremark • Founded in the year 1980, • Terre mark was acquired by Verizon in the year 2011 in a deal valued at $1.4 billion. • Company has placed their focus on creating cloud based IT infrastructures with enterprise application. • Is setting new standards in IT infrastructure deployment on the cloud, offering an exceedingly wide array of services.

  12. Citrix • Founded in the year 1989, • Focused on the creation of an open source platform for the creation of cloud solutions. • Scalability and Reliability is setting industry standards. • Provides an array of services including • Server and desktop virtualization, • Networking, software-as-a-service (SaaS), • and Cloud computing

  13. Joyent • Headquartered in San Francisco, California, • One of the foremost Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers in the market. • They have distinguished themselves in their excellent delivery of services. • Citrix is acclaimed for their application virtualization and cloud computing services.