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What an EDI Specialist Does? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EDI is an acronym that stands for electronic data exchange that many know, but not many know what an EDI specialist does. Read more!

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What an edi specialist does


What an EDI Specialist Does?

EDI is an acronym that stands for electronic data exchange that many know, but not many know what an

EDI specialist does. An EDI specialist ensures that a business is able to perform business transactions

(that means exchange of information and details) with other companies using the channels. The duties

of EDI specialist generally include analyzing the company’s needs and designs. It also includes

monitoring the electronic transactions daily. Although most companies these days require EDI specialist

to at least have a bachelor’s degree and experience, but there are times when a person can get an

entry-level job with less education too.

E-commerce or the act of doing business in virtual marketplace is done through computers. The EDI

specialists enable computers with different operating system to work together. Be it B2B or B2C or even

internal business transactions the EDI specialist makes the functioning smoother.

For instance, generally a company that deals with the government transactions has special constraints

and requirements and it is not everybody’s cup of tea to deal with that. Because of this reason an EDI

specialist is appointed because only he can chalk out the way for dealing with complex companies.

Moreover, there are many companies who use EDI to directly access the vendor’s database and their

ordering systems. This complicated method requires an EDI specialist to keep the system work smoothly

and effectively. E-procurement or the internet-based automation process requires security as well; the

EDI specialist makes sure that he can reduce the risk with his skills. Reducing the glitches and decreasing

the loop holes in the system is also one of the major tasks of EDI specialists.

Generally, companies expect an EDI specialist to develop personal software’s for them as well. But not

all EDI specialists can do that. An EDI specialist is like a catalyst that fastens up the process. Very few EDI

specialists are able to make software’s and if they can then they should be paid more. The exchange of

secure information often involves catalog transactions and catalog items. Catalog ordering can be B2B or

B2C. There are some other responsibilities that highly trained EDI specialist provide. They set up the

system for new trading partners and update and enhance the interactions between the trading partners.

An EDI specialist also uses the mapping tools and cross-reference tables in order to keep record of all

the transactions. These records help in determining the other minute details that cannot be calculated


Often the less experienced entry-level EDI specialist monitors the daily electronic data exchange of

information and alerts other senior-level specialists about the problems that may arise in future.

Although the entry level EDI specialist are less qualified but nevertheless, it is a very good option to

make it as a career too. Whereas a senior specialist may need a minimum of a master’s and entry level

employee degree?

In short, based on the responsibilities and duties that EDI specialist does, one thing is sure that

employing one should be mandatory in each and every company.

What an edi specialist does



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