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Australia Post Addresses PowerPoint Presentation
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Australia Post Addresses

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Australia Post Addresses

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Australia Post Addresses

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  1. DATATOOLS Australian Post Address Search

  2. Introduction For almost 20 years Australian software developers DataTools have set a new standard for Australian software development by delivering robust and user friendly software backed by a commitment to unlimited technical support. All support is supplied locally by highly qualified data quality specialists.

  3. Australia post address Twins Mailing Suite features the tools you need to gain the maximum savings available through Australia Post's Barcoding Mail Pre-Sort system. With the industry's leading DPID allocation engine you'll be reassured that you will achieve the highest possible match rate against the Australian Post AddressFile (PAF file) in the fastest time, 100,000 records in 4 minutes on a standard desktop PC with no manual interaction required.

  4. Dedupe software We all know by now that Data Management isn’t always easy. We’re often faced with challenges brought about by those who know less than they think they do. Buy Australia Address Search and Dedupe Software from Datatools. Their Deduping Software offers facility to cleanse, validate and remove duplicates from your database effortlessly.

  5. Address validation The Rapid Addressing Tool allows operators to identify and easily correct these anomalies at the time of capture to build a database you can have faith in. The Rapid Addressing Tool also standardises all addresses captured and address validation, allowing you to capture clear, compact address details across your entire team regardless of training or background. 

  6. Address api An address application programming interface (API) is a specification intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other. An API may include specifications for routines, data structures, object classes, and variables.

  7. Why us ? • To delivering on our promises with quality software with the very best service. • Developing great software and fully supporting it locally in Australia. • Fixed prices, no pushy sales tactics and no tie-in contract

  8. Contact us DATATOOLS Pvt. Ltd.Street AddressSky City, Building A, Office 310, Level 3, 20 Lexington Dr Norwest Business Park BELLA VISTA NSW 2153 Phone: (02) 9687 4666Fax: (02) 9687 4655  Website: