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Data Monetisation and Data Protection Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Data Monetisation and Data Protection Services

Data Monetisation and Data Protection Services

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Data Monetisation and Data Protection Services

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  1. DATATHENA The Best Data Compliance Services

  2. The aim of Datathena is to simplify the mystery around data risks and opportunities, making data monetisation & data compliance services accessible to everyone. Here we provide complete data security to any type of organization who-ever maintain any kind of digital information. Watch our next slides to know our services.

  3. Data Breach • Governments across the globe are treating Data Security as a critical issue. Data Breaches can expose organisations to the risk of fines and restrictions from regulators, loss of profit and a lack of customer confidence. We understand that even in the most complaint business, data breaches can happen. With high profile examples including cyber hacks on the NHS, Ashley Maddison, TalkTalk and even the SWIFT banking transfer system, to name just a few. Data breaches are very much a hot topic at the moment.

  4. Virtual Data Protection Officer • The Virtual Data Protection Officer offers you a low cost way of giving you access to legally qualified data protection experts, with a level of service tailored for your organisation. After speaking and working with many businesses of all different sizes and sectors, we have created a product to match your requirements in a cost-effective way. We have called this the ‘Virtual Data Protection Officer’™ (VDPO). This service helps you comply with your obligations whilst allowing you to keep a tight rein on your overheads.

  5. Data Monetisation • According to many economists and business leaders, ‘Data is the New Oil’. Data will be absolutely fundamental to the value and future growth of international economies and businesses over the next ten to twenty years. Most companies already gain value from their customer data and use it to analyse customer behaviour and gain insights into trends and patterns to improve customer journeys, enhance consumer experiences, improve service quality, increase sales opportunities, conduct targeted advertising or develop new products and services. Direct monetisation of customer data, such as organisations buying or selling information is increasing. Digital channels such as social media, location and context-sensitive data collected from smart phones, as well as Big Data from the Internet of Things, now presents organizations with new opportunities for monetisation.

  6. General Data Protection Regulation • As it is a Regulation, rather than a directive, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be ‘directly effective’, meaning that European nation states will have very little discretion as to how the Regulation is implemented. Essentially it must be implemented “as is”. The fines that can be levied under the GDPR will be up to €10,000,000, or up to 2%-4% of the total worldwide annual turnover of the preceding financial year, whichever is greater. The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has stated that the regulation will apply to the UK before and after the UK leaves the European Union.

  7. Data Training • DATATHENA takes a fresh approach to your training needs, covering everything from a dedicated YouTube Channel right though to webinars, e-learning, seminars, masterclasses and conferences. Whether you want to network remotely with other professionals, listen to a webinars on the train ride home, watch a video at a time that works for your schedule, or take part in interactive training bespoke to your business, we are confident that we can work together to find the right solution for you. We have delivered training in various forms on the following broad areas. We can take this training to a level of complexity and detail that you think best for your organisation: General Data Protection Regulation, Data Breach Management, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Data Monetisation, Social Media and Digital Marketing. We know what its like to attend bad training sessions and have designed our programmes to that they are refreshing, engaging and completely on point with the daily demands you’re facing, be they legal, practical or budgetary.

  8. Data Audits • Data Protection is a key issue for organisations. Most businesses will likely hold extensive personal data of individuals including employees, customers and business contacts. An audit allows organisations to undertake a review of its policies and practices relating to the processing of employee data in order to ensure that it is fully compliant with its current data protection requirements. In addition, it also allows you to consider how proposed changes to data processing practices (e.g. monetising data, selling data, processing data overseas, changing IT systems etc) will impact on its processing of personal customer data.

  9. Digital Marketing • If you are an online business or just have a simple brochure website, you must earn your customers attention. Potential customers will not just find you by accident and then decide they want to spend their money on your products and services. You need to promote your website, as well as your products and services in the best light possible, in the right place, at the right time and to the kind of people who will be attracted to potentially buy what you are offering. This can be daunting, especially if you are not confident that you are up to speed, or have the ever evolving ‘know how’ needed for online digital business. Now that we are in the digital age, marketing is becoming increasingly regulated, complicated and technology driven. We can stand out from our competitors, by guaranteeing legally compliant digital marketing solutions.

  10. Video Production • A successful business video should make your customers; wow, laugh, cry … and ultimately, inspire them to buy! Video is the by far the best way for your business to reach out to more potential customers than you ever thought you had. Currently, 90% of people watch online videos every week, 65% of which are more likely to buy products or services after watching a video about it. These statistics will only increase as the digital age further evolves. Having a professional and well produced video that you embed in your website, share on social media or send out via email; to promote your brand, explain your products and services or simply communicate with your employees, customers or investors is simply essential for a successful business.

  11. Contact Us Seymour Chambers, 92 London Road Liverpool, Merseyside L3 5NW