5 ways to improve data center energy efficiency n.
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Uninterruptible Power Supply UK

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Uninterruptible Power Supply UK

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5 ways to improve data center energy efficiency

5 Ways to Improve Data Center 

Energy Efficiency with PDUs 

How can you tame runaway IT energy costs – the biggest operating expense in your








data center? Several factors impact data center energy use: cooling and






temperature levels, water consumption, lighting, IT equipment efficiency, etc. In





future blogs, we’ll focus in more detail on each of these factors. Today, however,








we’re uncovering ways to use ​power distribution units (PDUs) to improve data

center energy efficiency. 








































effectiveness (PUE): 














We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again (and again): You can’t manage what you







don’t measure. PUE is a widely accepted benchmarking standard from Green Grid






that helps data center managers determine energy efficiency by measuring how






effectively data centers use input power. It provides insights into efficiency






efforts, and can also help determine when something has gone awry. 



























monitor energy usage trends


Monitor Energy-Usage Trends:  

If you’re not monitoring energy usage, how will you ever know consumption gets out







of hand? Manually or physically monitoring each of your PDUs individually would be






extremely difficult; collecting the information in a database allows you to monitor





rack-level power information, store the data, trend it and then use it to make






decisions about your data center. 
































Improve capacity planning:  

Is your data center at power capacity? At surface level, it may appear to be – but








when you employ intelligent PDUs to perform outlet-level monitoring, you can







pinpoint areas within the data center where simple equipment rearrangement may







free up power or improve safety by moving equipment that is close to circuit limit. 

Optimize device-level performance: 



















When you can calculate operating costs for each device on your network – from







servers to storage equipment – and know how much power each device uses, you can







easily identify the energy hogs. You can also use ​device-level performance metrics

to determine whether a more efficient device would be worth the investment by






comparing how much “work” you receive from the device in relationship to the






amount of power it consumes. 











































quickly correct environmental changes

Quickly correct environmental changes: 

Failed power supply, temperature increases, a sudden surge in power usage … these





changes can all be identified by an intelligent PDU. When PDUs alert you to these








types of environmental or performance changes via E-mail or text, you’ll learn






about – and be able to act upon – the changes before they turn into a major issue









that causes downtime and lost revenue. 































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