Stop cyberbullying
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Stop cyberbullying. By: Katelyn Bligh. Flaming. Flaming is an argument online. In these situations, the bullies online add just a little bit more emotion in their messages. . ANONYMITY.

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Stop cyberbullying

Stop cyberbullying

By: Katelyn Bligh


  • Flaming is an argument online. In these situations, the bullies online add just a little bit more emotion in their messages. .


  • Anonymity is somebody who makes a very threatening comment to you online or on your mobile phone. But when they threaten you, and you look at the comment and you don’t know who wrote this, is because they’re able to hide their identity. This issue can become very serious to cyberbullying.


  • Pseudonyms could be considered a nickname. Many bullies will use a different name, then what their actual name is. People that change their name, there’s a reason that they do this. The reason is they just want to keep their actual identity to stay a secret. Usually online people use a nickname, this is an example of pseudonym. Some bullies might even use another persons name, that no one would expect.

Cyber stalking
Cyber stalking

  • Cyber stalking is one way of harassment. Some people think cyber stalking may escalate real stalking.


  • Outing is showing some ones personal informationonline. Lots of bullies that do this will show their conversations with other people to everyone.


  • Masquerading is a bully that will pretend to be someone else. The person might make a fake email or might usesomeone else’s name and may potentially bully you. When they bully you, you can’t tell who it is because their identity is hidden from people to see.


  • Harassment is someone who is sending messages that will offend a individual or will offend a group. Some bullies that send messages like this, will send those messages more than once, but even worse they will send the text publicly.


  • Exclusion is when someone doesn’t fit in with the rest of the group. Or is someone who is just simply left out.

Stop cyberbullying

  • Think before you post

  • Include people other people

  • Not to send offensive things to people

  • Tell a teacher, principal, or parent

How it affects people
How it affects people

  • Very depressed

  • Attempt suicide

  • Not have much self esteem

  • Very bad life

  • Pain


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