the future of athletic training is now n.
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The Future Of Athletic Training Is Now PowerPoint Presentation
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The Future Of Athletic Training Is Now

The Future Of Athletic Training Is Now

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The Future Of Athletic Training Is Now

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  1. The Future Of Athletic Training Is Now Charles Caltagirone

  2. The Athletic Training System • A computer based software program for documentation • Allows athletic trainer to keep files in a computer rather than in a cabinet. • Very large capacity for storage of multiple sports teams • For the low price of $695

  3. The Benefits It Will Bring • Organization • Allow for more patient treatment time • Although the price is high it will help save money by spending less on filing cabinets, paper, and time

  4. More Ways of Saving • Creates year end reports in minutes • Saves time for looking up files • Allows athletes and families to access online and fill out general information • Files are backed up regularly • Information is shared easily

  5. Computers • To run this software the athletic training facility will need two computers • The computers will cost $143.50 each • It is essential to have these computers in order to run the software efficiently • The model needed is a Dell Optiplex Computer with LCD Flat Panel Monitor (Single Core 2.8Ghz Pentium 4 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive, Windows XP)

  6. Tablet • It is critical for the athletic trainer to have a tablet when working with this system • It will allow for faster documentation of on field evaluations. • This will create better record keeping • It will also allow for the best treatment for the student athletes • A tablet that will is sufficient for the athletic trainer will cost $210

  7. Scat 2 Concussion Assessment App • This is needed to provide the best care to our athletes • It is a quick and easy program • Helps with documentation • It includes all of the essential tools to diagnose a concussion • It is at the low price of $3.99

  8. Impact Concussion Software • Impact is another computer program that can be run off of the computers purchased • It is another tool for the diagnosis of concussions • It is a more in depth program than the scat 2 test • It has very good tech support

  9. Impact Continued • It will allow the athletic trainer to assess the athletes reaction time as well as memory without any human error • It is a very reliable tool • It has a large amount of research backing its findings • It will help provide the best care for our athletes • The cost of Impact is $750

  10. Conclusion • By making these 5 purchases the athletic trainer can be more efficient with treatments • It will allow for less time spent performing paperwork and more time with patient interaction • In the future they will save the institution money by spending less for products • These purchases need to be made in order to provide the best healthcare