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INDUCTION. Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre. Welcome to the Victorian Association of Performing Arts Centres (VAPAC) and Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre’s (DAEC) Emergency Procedure Induction Darebin Arts Centre is a member of VAPAC .

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Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre

Welcome to the Victorian Association of Performing Arts Centres (VAPAC) and Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre’s (DAEC) Emergency Procedure Induction

Darebin Arts Centre is a member of VAPAC.

VAPAC has endorsed this induction as an industry standard and it has been amended for DAEC



This presentation is designed for CLIENTS, HIRERS & CONTRACTORS of DAEC.


The Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 places the onus on employers to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risks to health.

This induction CD is an important component of our Health and Safety policies

A copy of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 is available at the DAEC


You the client, hirer or contractor are expected to view this presentation, show it to all supervising staff or crew and then sign and return the attached declaration

This declaration is an important part of your hiring agreement or contract and no event or work can begin without its completion

on site induction
On Site Induction

As an important part of our Health and Safety Procedures an onsite induction with all members of your cast and crew will be required to take place BEFORE the first rehearsal / performance

This induction will take approximately 10 minutes and must be included in your daily schedule

company liaison person
Company Liaison Person

Every hirer is expected to appoint a Company Liaison Person or Stage Manager who in an emergency situation will take a principle role in evacuating the cast and crew from the venue.

This person should make themselves familiar with the location of all fire extinguishers and emergency exits

first aid
First Aid

DAEC has trained first aiders in attendance during all performances.

Should you need first aid please notify Your Supervising Technician or the Front of House Supervisor immediately.


Please report all incidents to your Supervising Technician or Front of House Supervisor.

fire alarm
Fire Alarm

DAEC has an automated fire system

If a fire alarm is triggered DAEC staff will assess the situation and decide whether to evacuate the building.

emergency evacuation
Emergency Evacuation

In the event of emergency evacuation of the venue, this will be coordinated by the DAEC Supervising Technician (backstage) and FOH Supervisor (front of house, patrons).

You need to ensure that you listen to their instructions and follow their guidance.

how to raise the alarm
How to Raise the Alarm

If you are made aware of a potential emergency situation, it is critical that you report this IMMEDIATELY to the DAEC Supervising Technician on duty and/or FOH Supervisor.

DAEC staff will assess the situation and act accordingly – keeping in mind that we will keep you informed of progress at all times.

assembly point
Assembly Point

In the event of an emergency evacuation the designated assembly area is ‘Ray Brahman Gardens’, located at the rear of the Centre and clearly marked with a green sign (indicating an emergency assembly area). Please familiarise yourselves with this location before your event commences.

It is crucial that before and during evacuation you take instruction from the DAEC supervising staff.

incident reporting
Incident Reporting

All incidents in the DAEC need to be reported, recorded and investigated in the interest of improving safety.

Please report all incidents, both major and minor, to the Supervising Technician or FOH Supervisor.


Thank you for taking the time to watch this presentation – it is very important that you fill in the acknowledgement form attached and return it to the Theatre/Operations Manager as it is an important part of your contracted use of the Centre.

If you have any questions about this presentation please do not hesitate to call the Theatre Operations Manager on 03 8470 8277

We wish you all the best with your event.