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Theme: A Safe Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Theme: A Safe Environment

Theme: A Safe Environment

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Theme: A Safe Environment

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  1. Draft Sample Thematic Brief - Ordinary Level Theme: A Safe Environment There is an increased awareness of the importance of safety in the home for both adults and children. Items such as personal alarms, child locks, burglar alarms, warning devices, temperature alarms etc. help to create a safer environment. With reference to the above theme, design and make a device that will improve personal safety in the home. The device must incorporate a mechanical or electrical or electronic system.

  2. A Child’s Safety Stair-Gate Alarm

  3. Personal Attack Alarm

  4. Medicine Cupboard Alarm

  5. Bath Alarm

  6. Bath Alarm

  7. Ultrasonic Child Monitor

  8. Car Security Alarm

  9. Aid for the elderly

  10. Modelled Door Alarm

  11. Modelled Door Alarm

  12. Household Temperature Indicator

  13. Intruder Alarm

  14. Alarmed CD Rack

  15. Rain Sensor Alternatively used as a Bath Alarm

  16. Mouse Security Trap

  17. Alarmed CD Storage Box

  18. Automatic Door Security Device (Pic Control)

  19. Display Stand fitted with an Alarm Alternatively used as an alarmed Trophy Display

  20. Dummy Camera for House Security

  21. Jewellery Box Alarm

  22. Desktop Safe

  23. Poker Set Alarm

  24. Door Combination Lock

  25. A Trap Door Security / Alarm

  26. A Trap Door Security / Alarm

  27. Automatic Attic Light – safety exit ‘on’ for a fixed time

  28. A Fridge Door Alarm

  29. A Blind Persons Aid: Full-Cup indicator / alarm

  30. A Blind Persons Aid: Full-Cup indicator / alarm

  31. A Handicapped Persons Aid: Pouring a Kettle

  32. Security Window Alarm

  33. Home Security Gate

  34. A baby Bottle Temperature Sensor

  35. A Bicycled Safety Light

  36. ‘Safe Cycling’ – Bicycle Indicators

  37. A Car Break-Down Warning Triangle

  38. A Car Break-Down Warning Triangle

  39. Safe Parking

  40. A Guide Cane with LED Indicators

  41. A Farming Traffic Warning Signal

  42. A Tractor Tilt Alarm

  43. A Tractor Tilt Alarm

  44. A Child Safety Alarm

  45. A Personal Attack Alarm

  46. A Ladder – safe work station Project: DIY Aid (Ladder Stand-off) My project is unique as it is easily attached to a range of ladders. Existing products on the market do not have the facility of a work station to place items on such as paint and DIY tools whilst working at height. My product is located on the ladder rungs through a spring loaded clamping mechanism. The GRP tray is placed in position when the ladder has been erected. The materials used for the whole construction are durable and lightweight.

  47. A Safety Ladder Brief: Performing DIY activities from ladders or other supports at height can present numerous safety problems. Research a range of DIY activities undertaken around the home, including a risk assessment, and design and make a product which will make the activity or activities easier and safer. Description: After initial research I discovered that most tasks performed on a ladder were dangerous to the user and others. The main hazards involving ladders are falling equipment and an unstable ladder. I decided the main features of my design should be an unobtrusive storage tray and a levelling device set at the 72° required to set the ladder at the correct angle every time. Important aspects to the design are cost, convenience, durability, and that it be weatherproof, lightweight, compact and suitable for all ladders.

  48. A Safe Desk-Top Brief: Designing for People with a Disability Design an easy-to-use, lightweight and attractive desk to meet the needs of Robert, an eleven-year-old boy with cerebral palsy. The desk is for use on a wheelchair in school and at home.