on the cusp stop bsi icu physician staffing n.
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On the CUSP: STOP BSI ICU Physician Staffing PowerPoint Presentation
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On the CUSP: STOP BSI ICU Physician Staffing

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On the CUSP: STOP BSI ICU Physician Staffing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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On the CUSP: STOP BSI ICU Physician Staffing. Learning Objectives. To review the evidence on the benefits of ICU physician staffing To explore strategies to improve ICU physician staffing. Organizing Principles for Intensive Care. Intensivists Reduce Mortality Costs.

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learning objectives
Learning Objectives
  • To review the evidence on the benefits of ICU physician staffing
  • To explore strategies to improve ICU physician staffing
intensivists reduce mortality costs

Intensivists Reduce Mortality Costs

Question is not Whether to but How to implement IPS

leapfrog model net savings for hospital 000
Leapfrog modelNet savings for hospital $000

Conrad, Gardner 2004 Leapfrog report

net savings per icu day leapfrog model
Net Savings per ICU day Leapfrog model $

Conrad, Gardner 2004 Leapfrog report






Insurer to Provide Bonuses to Hospitals

That Rapidly Adopt Proven Patient Safety Programs

NEW YORK (10/18/01) – IBM, PepsiCo, Inc., Verizon Communications and Xerox Corporation announced today that they will join Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield in an innovative program designed to save lives by providing financial incentives to hospitals that rapidly achieve proven patient safety standards.

key attributes of physician staffing
Key Attributes of Physician Staffing
  • Present
  • Posses skill/knowledge
  • Communicates/works with team of caregivers
  • Manages the ICU

Little is known about the relative value of each attribute


24 X 7


team care
Team Care
  • Avoid Open versus Closed debate
    • Both primary care and ICU physician add value
  • Obtain financial support from hospital for physician staffing
  • Create Compact of what is expected
  • Include performance measures in contract
  • Obtain admission and discharge authority
strategies for implementing intensivists
Strategies for Implementing Intensivists
  • Meet with medical staff
    • Review evidence
    • Discuss team approach rather than open closed
  • Create Compact with hospital
    • Hospital to provide financial support
    • Intensivists will staff ICU, monitor and improve quality
    • Review performance quarterly
how can you realize these attributes without intensivists
How Can You Realize these Attributes without Intensivists
  • Discuss alternative models
    • Hospitalist
    • Regionalization
    • NP/PA
    • Other
  • Ensure a physician rounds on all patients every day
  • Call list
action plan
Action Plan
  • Discuss with team and hospital your current ICU physician staff, are you meeting the 4 attributes
  • Develop plan to enhance ICU physician staffing
  • Ensure nurses know which physician to page for all patients at all times
  • Create explicit Compact; hospital will provide financial support and physician will provide services
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