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De-briefing Practices

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De-briefing Practices - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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De-briefing Practices. Presenter’s Name and Title Location and Date. Safety, Efficiency & Reliability. If: …we want to be sure workers remain safe and nobody ever get’s hurt, …we want to be an organization recognized for high reliability,

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De-briefing Practices

Presenter’s Name and Title

Location and Date


Safety, Efficiency & Reliability

  • If:
    • …we want to be sure workers remain safe and nobody ever get’s hurt,
    • …we want to be an organization recognized for high reliability,
    • …we want to be admired for the efficiency of execution of our operations.
  • Then:
  • … we must all be highly skilled at the job planning process and debriefing in order to produce quality job plans 100% of the time through 100% participation.

Job Planning and Debriefing Process

Safety, Reliability, Efficiency

After the Job

Debrief – Capture Lessons Learned, Review and Revise the JSA

During the Job

Observation & Supervision – Tool: BBS inspection form; Stop Work Authority

Prior to the Job

Effective Pre Job Meeting / JSA / Incident Review – Tool: Energy Hazard Wheel, Pre Job Prompt Cards, E-Colors


After the task

is executed, it is time to debrief


The Debrief Process

The debrief should include a discussion about the task and answers to three basic questions.

What went well?

What did not go so well?

What will we do differently next time?

The questions from the JSA Pocket Book can be used to lead this discussion.


The Debrief Process

JSA Pocket book

JSA Page 30

Lessons Learned


Debrief Session Checklist

  • Did the task proceed as the steps were laid out in the plan?
  • How did each team member think that their part in the task went?
  • Did all the tools identified in the plan perform as they should have?
  • Do any of the tools used, need to be repaired or replaced?
  • Were communications adequate during the task?

Debrief Session Checklist

  • Did we involve the right people in the planning and execution of the task and in this debrief?
  • Are there any changes to the PPE that should be considered the next time the task is done?
  • Would it be beneficial to have a task monitor during the execution of the task, the next time it is done?
  • Were any Stop Work Authority events missed by the team?
  • What safety devices could be added to make the task safer. E.g. barriers etc?

Debrief Session Checklist

  • Does the written plan need to be modified to reflect improvement opportunities?
  • Does the task require a formal written plan to be developed?
  • How could the tasks have been completed more efficiently?
  • Were there any actions or behaviors that reflected E-Colors learning opportunities?
  • What actions were agreed and responsibilities assigned?

Efficient Task Execution

It’s all about communicating, effectively


What went well?

  • What didn’t go so well?
  • Did we deviate from the plan?
  • What do we need to improve?

Each personality will have different experiences of the job

Obtaining the right

amount of information


interaction with


Improving Teamwork

Better results


Debriefing assures that we collect all these different points of view and any lessons learned


Debrief Coaching and Practice

  • Ask the crew to pick a JSA from a recent completed task from each work
  • group
  • Separate the crew by their work groups i.e. Seaman, Roustabout, Roughneck
  • Ask the crew to do a debrief pertaining to the JSA they have brought into the
  • group

Debrief Coaching and Practice

  • Have them practice doing a debrief from their selected task
  • by asking 3 questions.
  • Hand out a guideline for the debrief: Aids for DEBRIEF - to the crew.

Debrief Coaching and Practice


Assign an observer for each group to give feedback about what they observed in terms of teamwork through an E-Colors perspective.


Debrief Coaching and Practice


After each group finishes, have the presenter from each group present their debrief. Then ask for feedback from the observer.