6 th grade life science n.
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6 th Grade Life Science

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6 th Grade Life Science - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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6 th Grade Life Science. Mrs. Yancey’s Rules and Procedures Room 623. Goal for you this year in Life Science =Independent Learner. Goals for science class are to “read like a detective, write like an investigative journalist, & think like a scientist”. Daily Supplies.

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6 th grade life science

6th Grade Life Science

Mrs. Yancey’s

Rules and Procedures

Room 623

goal for you this year in life science independent learner
Goal for you this year in Life Science =Independent Learner

Goals for science class are to “read like a detective, write like an investigative journalist, & think like a scientist”.

daily supplies
Daily Supplies
  • Slingpack (backpacks- trip/safety hazard)
  • Planner
  • Science Journal- 2 one subject spirals

(70-100 pages,one for each semester)

4. Pencils (#2 ,No mechanicals)

5. Binder with 1 science tab

6. Book to read (electronic e-reader

needs form from the office:digital citizenship)

optional items
Optional Items
  • Supplies: highlighters, scissors, pens, rulers, glue, colored pencils/crayons
  • Water bottle only
  • Electronics/cell phones-not on in class


  • Gum

2. Toys

3. Nuisance items-taken away/to Dean


Curriculum Topics

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3

Quarter 4

Lab Procedures




Organisms interactions with environment

Human Body Systems & types of cells

Infectious vs. Inherited

Science &

Scientific Practices

ccsd nevada us
  • Top 100 science content words for life science ( at least 25 per quarter)
  • Nevada State Science Standards

(NGSS-next generation science

standards coming soon)

  • Common Core Reading/Writing/Speaking

& Listening Standards

classwork assignments
  • Science Journal- daily
  • Homework-once a week

(given at beginning of week, due at end)

3. Activities/Labs

4. Projects-will be given plenty of time to do

5. Formative Grading-worth 30% of grade

  • Dates for recorded in planner

2. Study

3. Quizzes- weekly (shorter)

4. Tests-notified/study

4. Performance- labs/activities as specified

  • Retakes-study, review sheets, form

with teacher, redone in class or

before school

5. Summative grading-worth 70% of grade

work quality
Work Quality
  • Full credit=turned in on time

2. Followed directions for assignment

3. Name, date, period on it

4. Complete, neat, legible & your own work

5. Cheating/plagiarism = consequences

make up late work
Make up/Late work
  • Late work =highest grade earned is a C
  • Missing work = 0% until in, then late
  • Absent/major (very sick or vacation) = call office to schedule work for all classes

4. Absent/minor= ask me when back,

absent file behind my desk

5. Copies all gone=alternate assignment

6. Journal=must always be caught up, ask a

classmate or come in before school to use

my journal

entering room
Entering Room
  • One line by the entrance door
  • Wait for teacher
  • Walk into the room-always
  • Go to assigned seat/organize materials
  • Sharpen Pencil or restroom before bell
  • Do planner, journal , & work
tardies late
  • Not in class on time by bell =tardy
  • Door Locked-must go to the quad
  • Tardy admit note to class
  • Can be tardy for all classes (7 tardies for

one day)

5. Exceptions=note from where you came

(late bus pass, note from teacher, Dean’s slip



  • Before class during passing period
  • During class, only after teacher

instructions =restroom pass given with 4

trips per quarter (don’t use=bonus)

3. After class during passing period

  • Excessive=health office or parent call
  • Exceptions=medical issue or sick

in the lunchroom

exiting room
Exiting Room

1. Area clean & all materials put away

2. Make sure you have all your items

3. Teacher dismissal, not just bell

3. Chair pushed in

4. Walk out exit door

citizenship osnu
Citizenship (OSNU)
  • Follow all directions for class and school (teacher binder)
  • Show respect to self, environment, & others

3. Rules broken= verbal warning, written warning, parent contact, behavior plan, Dean’s Office

4. Cannot earn an O= missing/late work or overall grade of a D/F

lab safety
Lab Safety
  • Safety agreement signed
  • Break rules =loss of citizenship/consequences, a possible alternate assignment for less points
  • Dean’s Office (depends on the violation)
  • Damaged items=pay for it/Dean Referral
  • LAB MUST BE SAFE FOR ALL AT ALL TIMES (No horseplay allowed!).
safety drills
Safety Drills
  • Fire- boy/girl lines outside door,

out to front sidewalk, NO TALKING, say here

2. Shelter in Place (air hazard/seal doors)-

stay in seat, continue working, be quiet

  • Lock Down (soft)-stay in seat, remain quiet

(hard/threat)- window covered, hide head

covered, do not make eye contact

  • Earthquake- under table, head covered/hang on
  • Evacuation-must leave to another area
safety equipment
Safety Equipment
  • Eyewash- to flush eyes with water
  • Shower wash- to wash away chemicals
  • Fire Blanket-warmth or smother flames
  • First Aide- bandaids, alcohol wipe, gloves

5. Extinquisher/other- teacher work room

(you are not allowed without permission)

6. Emergency Pass (red)

7. Know purpose & where items are, in case

you need to tell someone

contacting teacher
Contacting Teacher
  • School-planner, school phone (799-1340),

e-mail smyancey@interact.ccsd.net

2. Parent Link- www.Canarelli.org

(access code from office &

phone app available)

3. Web Page for class information