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LIP 25 Y ears Anniversary PowerPoint Presentation
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LIP 25 Y ears Anniversary

LIP 25 Y ears Anniversary

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LIP 25 Y ears Anniversary

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  1. LIP 25 Years Anniversary Herwig Schopper CERN and University Hamburg

  2. Jose Mariano Gago, Founder,Gaspar Barreira, longtimeDirector, othermembersofDirectorate, Paulo Fonte (Coimbra), Mario Pimenta (Lisbon),Rui Marques (Coimbra) all Project Leadersand all collaborators for 25 yearsofsuccessfuldevelopmentandwork

  3. LIP was founded in May 1986when Portugal joined CERN - Via LIP and CERN Portugal joined the first international scientific organization later others followed, e.g. ESA, NASA, Auger observatory - the history of LIP is an essential part of the history of scientific research and training in Portugal - opened a windowforPortugesescienceintotheworld Contributedtomodernisationofacademiclife Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  4. First hoistingofPortugueseflagat CERN 1986 Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  5. Great pleasuretobeheretoday -happy personal recollectionsof all theseyears • As Director General CERN, Portugal joinedthanksto J. M. Gago • As Evaluatorfor FCT • As Member of LIP international Advisory Committee • Couldseethefantasticriseof LIP • Portuguesephysics in general, (thanksto FCT) • metmanyfriends, • gottoknowPortuguesecountryandgreathistory De Arantese Oliveiro Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  6. LIP startedas ‘Associated’ Laboratory Idea: Extra-university research in closeoperationwithuniversities But LIP founded formally as Associated Lab only in 2011 when 4 universitiesIST, U LIsboa,U Coimbra, U Minho joined LIP’s 3 labs at Lisbon, Coimbra, Minho Great achievement ! Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  7. LIP Laborat´orio de Instrumenta¸c˜ao eF´ısica Experimental de Part´ıculashas become a laboratory of international recognition 170 collaborators, of which 70 PHD Constantly evaluated by international committeebased on: Publicationscontributions to international experiments Invitations to conferences • Results: excellent lab on international standards Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  8. In 1986 when Portugal joined CERN:exciting time bulding LEP (electron-positron collider)followednowby LHC (proton-proton) in the same tunnel Portugal couldparticipate in excitingdiscoveries,is still participatingnowLHC newrecord: proton + proton 2 x 4 TeV, highestcollisionenergieseverproduced on earth Imitating big bang Tunnel 27 km circumference, largest instrument in world Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  9. Pope John Paul IIviting CERN 1983 Myexplanation: Out ofenergymatteriscreated Pope: Creaationismy business, Youproducematter Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  10. LIP isparticipatingandcontributingto ATLAS and CMS at LHC ATLAS CMS LIP also in several non-LHC experiments, e.g. COMPASS Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  11. CERN isnowworldlaboratorywith European Member States, Associated States (USA, Russia, ..Brasil) Portugal fullyintegrated in International worldwidecollaboration Examplehow to organiseinternationalcooperation Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  12. Since start-up in March 2010 LHC has already produced many interesting results This and in coming years extremely exciting expectations (Higgs, SUSY,??) Minister J.M.Gago At LHC inauguration in 2008 Unfortunately not mytasktospeakaboutphysics But listen tofollowingtalks After many years of instrument construction,now collecting the results (data acquisition, analysis) Harvesting!! Many thesis!! Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  13. Worldwide LHC Computing GRIDsuccessorofWorld Wide Webinventedat CERN Data takenat CERN aredistributedimmediately all overtheworld LIP is ‘tier 2 node’ in thisnetwork Importantforscientificdatatransfer in general, not onlyfor high energyphysics The LIP computing facilities are the largest in the Portuguese academic community and are currently used by more than 150 research institutions Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  14. LIP hasdevelopedinto a differentiated lab withmanyactivities • Experimental particle physics (still main objective) • Experimental astroparticle experimentse.g. SNO, Zeplin, LUX, HECR looking for neutrinos, dark matter • Radiation detectors and associated instrumentation ( mainly Coimbra since a long time) • Space physics AMS • applications to medicine, PET – Mammography, computer simulations of irradiation • advanced computing and networking • Training andteaching • Technology transfer and outreach Impossible (and not my task) to review all the activities of LIP Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  15. AMS Onlymagneticspectrometer in space Transport from CERN to Cape Canaveral (Galaxy) Onlyscientificexperiment on Space Station!Antisymmetry matter –antimatter in cosmos? Controlroom for data aquisition at CERN Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  16. Post-graduate training: master and PhD thesis in national and international cooperation • LIP researchers are hired professors at universities • LIP organises schools and courses on specific subjects • LIP created specific laboratory equipment for educational purposes • advanced training for young Portuguese graduatesin international scientific organizations, CERN, ESA and ESOin technological areas strategically important for competitiveness of Portuguese companies. • Training of teachers Training andoutreach important objective of LIP

  17. Training ofteachers CERN programme for teachers (with UNESCO) partly in their national language Portuguese speaking teachers visiting CERN September 2009 Establishment of a UNESCO category 2 Centre for Advanced Training of Scientists from Portuguese-Speaking Countries in Areas of Basic Science Link to Afica, South America (initiative Gago) Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012

  18. Best wishesforthenextequallysuccessful 25 years • LIP has made many valuable contributions to: • Elementary particle, astro- and nuclear physics • Science in general • Computing and networking • Teaching and promoting young researchers • Public outreach • International cooperation • and many more Meusmaissincerosparabéns Herwig Schopper, 25 years LIP 21.4.2012