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LEGO Mission…. Inspire and develop the Builders of Tomorrow

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LEGO Mission…. Inspire and develop the Builders of Tomorrow - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LEGO Mission…. Inspire and develop the Builders of Tomorrow. LEGO Club reaches 3 million members in 12 countries with a pass-a-long of 3.5 additional children per member. CANADA 225,000. Norway, Sweden 30,000. UK/Ireland 264,000. Germany, Austria, Switzerland 577,000. US 1,600,000.

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LEGO Mission….

Inspire and develop the Builders of Tomorrow

LEGO Club reaches 3 million members in 12 countries

with a pass-a-long of 3.5 additional children per member


Norway, Sweden30,000


Germany, Austria, Switzerland577,000



Australia/New Zealand30,000

“A company with a price advantage can be undercut. A company with a performance advantage can be outflanked. But a company with an emotional difference can potentially demand a premium forever.”-David Ogilvy

LEGO ClubVision:To be the best at inspiring and developing the Builders of Tomorrow by connecting brand enthusiasts to premium brand experiences that drive profitability and inspire lifetime loyalty.Mission:To earn and grow lifetime loyalty to the LEGO Club, as measured in the affinity pyramid by purchase activity and advocacy (NPS) of our members.Strategy:Grow the emotional belonging to the LEGO Brand among consumers through compelling online and offline content, meeting points and 1:1 dialogue.

Provide a seamless Club experience consistent with other LEGO experiences and which reaffirms the LEGO Group’s premium value proposition.

Align editorial content according to consumer interests, and the priorities in each market.

Ensure compelling consumer created content is identified, celebrated and shared both within the LEGO Group and across the wider LEGO Community.

LEGO Club Insights.Club insights are sought and analyzed on an ongoing basis via both online and magazine surveys. This research provides us with the “pulse”, purchase behavior and perspective of members.Surveys play a key role in magazine content creation and in measuring engagement.

Content ratings by kids are used by the editorial staff to guide content design in future issues. Engagement is measure by how many members…. Visit the LEGO website, show the magazine to parents and friends, never throw the magazine away, and how many LEGO sets they receive.

Insights on

Sense of Belonging.

“It’s mine”

Getting their own magazine - valued by kids of all ages.

“I know what’s new because I’m a Club member”

Magazine delivers on kids’ intense need to know what is new from LEGO.

“I can build what he did… only better!”

Inspiration for new building ideas from Cool Creations and Building Instructions.

In the interval between magazines, keeps members engaged.

Those who feel that the Club is like a “real” club are twice as likely to be frequent visitors to the Club website, as those who do not feel Club is like a real club.

They were most likely to tell friends about the site.

LEGO Club Publication Strategy.Maximizing research results and analysis to offer stronger segmented content based on age and building ability.

Target Audience: LEGO fans ages 7+.Free bi-monthly magazine, intended to provide inspiration and suggested play pattern to children through LEGO news, building ideas and challenges, comics, feature stories, events, sneak previews, reader-submitted model photos, and info about additional online LEGO Club content and experiences.

Products and Markets

Consumer Events and LEGOLAND

TV, Print and New Media

LEGO Education and Stores

Promotions and Licensees

PR Programs

WEB and Universe

LEGO Club Jr.

Target Audience: LEGO fans ages 5-6.Launched in January 2009 in US

Designed for budding new readers with fun, colorful, illustrated content which can be enjoyed by the child on his/her own or with a parent.

Age appropriate building ideas and activities empower young children so they can say, “Look Mom and Dad! I did it myself!”

LEGO Family

Target Audience: Parents along with children in the Club.LEGO Family inserts to standard LEGO Club Magazine. Intended to provide families with ideas, tips, and news about events that encourage creativity and celebrate LEGO family building.

LEGO BrickMaster
  • Target Audience: Fans 8+ who seek a deeper and richer experience with the LEGO brand.Tangible benefits include:
  • Exclusive LEGO sets and LEGO BrickMaster Magazine 6x a year
  • LEGOLAND California ticket
  • coupons
LEGO Club School Edition Magazine

Target Audience: Children in grades 1-3.

Secondary Audience: Librarians and teachers who wish to use content in curriculum.Intended to give kids, parents and schools a fun and engaging LEGO experience while encouraging kids to read and use their imagination to build and role play. Now also includes a Teacher guide.

LEGO Club Website

Most visited areas include:LEGO Club TV - travel with the LEGO Club reporters as they stop in at LEGO events, show off the latest LEGO movies and sets, and more in thee amazing video adventures.

LEGO News and Extras - full of all the newest buzz and inside scoops, with previews of new toys, model shop stories, interviews with famous builders, special projects and more - just for LEGO Club members.

Cool Creations - see all the awesome LEGO models other Club members have built… And upload pictures of your own creations to show off to the world.

Building - packed with amazing building ideas and inspiration, from exclusive tips from the real LEGO Master Builders to instructions for making all-new models using the pieces in your LEGO collection.

Daily visitors to the Club website are most likely to receive the LEGO Club Magazine.

LEGOLAND Clubhouse and Events

4 LEGOLAND Parks – California, England, Germany and Denmark

LEGO Club events give kids and their families a way to connect and engage in fun and inspiring LEGO activities with each other. Events also provide a way to spread the word and recruit new members.

LEGO Club Meetings at LEGO StoresObjective: Provide members with a sense of belonging via a fun, premium experience exclusively for Club members.

Attendees meet other LEGO Club members in the area who love building as much as they do. They receive an exclusive LEGO Club t-shirt, a $5 Shop at Home coupon, and a “goody bag” of bricks to take home.

Kids build a group project based on the them for that month’s meeting which reflects the product line featured in the LEGO Club Magazine and in stores.

Customization and PersonalizationWe will continue to work toward using tools to provide LEGO Club members and their families with the most relevant and inspiring experiences.

…deliver all the advantages of a big Club

…but make it feel like a small Club to members

Max – the LEGO Club MascotMax provides a consistent voice and dialogue with members.This consistent character enhances our inter-connection with members as the Club reaches children and families in multiple touch points.
LEGO Club WebsiteWe are always striving to provide better content and experiences to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.Club Members are our core fans. They have by their actions expressed their desire to engage more deeply with LEGO. We recognize Club members by delivering something emotionally engaging and special thereby increasing their sense of belonging to the Club.

Exclusivity - Club members will get to sign up specifically to access the Club website to receive inside scoops, sneak peaks, and buzzworthy content only Club members can get.

Personalization - Club members will personalize their Club home page and create a Club home page module on My LEGO Network.Connecting - The Club website connects kids to other touchpoints on such as My LEGO Network and LEGO Universe. Club members connect and interact with other Club members just like them by finding real life Club meetings and other events in their area.Building - Building instructions, building challenges, and free form projects to increase creativity, confidence, and friendly competition.Recognition and Reward - Being recognized and rewarded by LEGO Club is very important to Club members. By doing this both physically or virtually, Club increases members’ sense of belonging and loyalty.