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  • Uploaded on The Foodshed Project …our history. 2005-6. Food Charter. Report Card. Energy Audits in Social Housing. 2003-4. Youth Engagement FYG. Food Miles Climate Change. 2007-08. 2009-11. Educational Resources. Grow A Row Program. 2011-12.

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the foodshed project our history
TheFoodshedProject …our history


Food Charter


Energy Audits in Social Housing


Youth EngagementFYG

Food MilesClimate Change




Grow A Row Program


Sustainable food systems are local, wholistic and secure-will involve society in a cooperative fashion and produces benefits that overlap into other sectors
$ $ $ $

Creating Wealth by

Developing your


1) Develop the regional foodshed to achieve food security and health for all.

Start with how much food we can/need to eat within a foodshed…

2) Reduce carbon footprint and increase efficiencies with green energy.

3) Based on the “right to food” model and the right to a healthy environment.

Sustainability of the ecological resources it takes to grow,process and distribute the food

Who is growing the food?Is it locally owned?

4) Health, economic, env., social benefits accrue over time.

$ $ $ $

Does everyone have access to the food?

5) Economically and environmentally sustainable

Assess, monitor and evaluation by

the stakeholders of the system.

growing our foodshed one row at a time
…growing our foodshed one row at a time

Grow A Row Program

150 Gardeners signed on

Six food banks active

Top 5 food donations new focus

Grow A Row Demo Garden Developed

Building food skills with an Organic Grow A Row GardenDuplicating these gardens throughout the CGSBuilding food networks that support food bank donations

Educational video on the Organic Grow A Row Garden

www foodshedproject ca info@foodshedproject ca growing our foodshed one row at a time
[email protected] our foodshed one row at a time…