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The Pursuit Of

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The Pursuit Of. “Empowering Future Generations”. “Empowering Future Generations”. Jesus Stated: “I Will Build My Church and the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against It.”. One Key to this Truth is Our Ability to Empower Future Generations. “Empowering Future Generations”.

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the pursuit of

The Pursuit Of

“Empowering Future Generations”


“Empowering Future Generations”

Jesus Stated:

“I Will Build My Church and the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail Against It.”

One Key to this Truth is Our Ability to Empower Future Generations.


“Empowering Future Generations”

1. Passing the Baton of Leadership

A. Testing Our Faith.

> The Church in America has hit a wall of resistance.

> Survival means hearing from Heaven and ‘Shifts’ in our thinking.

> Review of 1st Kings Chapter 19 Revelation.


“Empowering Future Generations”

1. Passing the Baton of Leadership (cont.)

> Emerging Generations (Judges 2:10 – 15).

> First time in our history that we have four generations living at the same time.


“Empowering Future Generations”

Dr. Mel Ming’s Overview of Recent Sampling of 6000 people in USA Who Claim to be Christians:


“Empowering Future Generations”

In four generations we went from 13 out of 20 identifying themselves as Christian to 1 out of 20 doing so.

83% of those who became Christians did so before the age of 20.


“Empowering Future Generations”

We MUST invest disproportionate amounts of money and resources on reaching children and youth.

This is a HUGE Harvest Field. With 80 million Millenials in the USA, they would represent the 7th largest country in the world.


“Empowering Future Generations”

  • B. Testing Of Our Relationships.
  • Leadership Issues Among Pastors and Staff

Builders/Boomers Tend to View Millenials/Gen-X as lazy and unprepared.

Millenials/Gen-X tend to view Builders/Boomers as control freaks and manipulative.


“Empowering Future Generations”

  • B. Testing Of Our Relationships. (continued)
  • This is a big area of conflict as we try to integrate leaders. It’s not a matter of who’s right or wrong, it’s a matter of generational processing.

“Empowering Future Generations”

Barna Statistics:

The current generation of leaders will pass into retirement between 2011 and 2025.

  • Who are the successors we are preparing?
  • What specific steps are being taken to intentionally mentor the next generation of leaders?

“Empowering Future Generations”

Barna Statistics: continued

The Baton of Leadership is NOT being passed in Business

  • USA will have a 10 million worker shortfall by 2010 (Taleo Management)
  • 500 of the largest companies can expect to lose 50% of their senior management.
  • 40% of companies DON’T have a Management Succession Plan.

“Empowering Future Generations”

The Baton of Leadership is NOT Being Passed in Government.

  • With Baby Boomers entering retirement, the knowledge and needed experience for government is going out the door with them. (Governing Magazine)

“Empowering Future Generations”

The Baton of Leadership is NOT Being Passed in Church.

  • The number of adults who DO NOT attend church in America has nearly doubled since 1991.
  • Only 51% of Protestant pastors and just 8% of Protestant parishoners possess a Biblical worldview.

“Empowering Future Generations”

Will We Survive These Trends?

  • The Answer is YES!
  • As God does His part and we do our part,

The Church Triumphs!


“Empowering Future Generations”

  • YES means acting NOW!
  • YES means that we fulfill our Commission.
  • YES means that the next generation is our hope. There are no passengers on the ship of life – only crew.

“Empowering Future Generations”

  • YES means passing the baton of leadership to the right people.
  • YES means mobilizing adults to pass the baton of Culture-Shaping Leadership on to the next generation.

“Empowering Future Generations”

  • Receiving the Baton of Leadership (We’re Not in Kansas Anymore Toto!)

A. Must be Intentional.

  • Elijah’s World was Changing (1 Kings 19:15–21)

“Empowering Future Generations”

  • It was time for new ideas in order to reach the culture of his day.
    • Elijah calls Elisha.
    • His first priority was to find his successor.
    • He had a new understanding of the way God was working in his day.
    • He made himself available to God’s resources. (The Word, other believers, and the Holy Spirit)
    • Elijah threw his mantle on Elisha!

“Empowering Future Generations”

  • Elisha’s Response (1 Kings 19:20-21)
    • His response was immediate!
    • He requested to honor his parents and transition with integrity.

“Empowering Future Generations”

  • Celebrating Elisha’s Call
    • Leaving his past life for a New Life (vs. 21).
    • The Burning of Bridges to his Past (Romans 12).
  • Life in serving the Lord is like a cross-country race, not a hundred-yard dash!

“Empowering Future Generations”

  • Preparation of Elisha.
    • He was mentored by Elijah (2nd Kings 3:11)
    • In order to lead, one must be willing to be led.
    • In order to give directions, one must first learn to receive and follow directions.
    • In order to be faithful, one must learn faithfulness.

“Empowering Future Generations”

Jesus said in Mark 10:43 – 45

“But whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant, and whoever wishes to be the first shall be the slave of all, for even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.”

As gifted ones, we are each to be good stewards of what God has entrusted to us in our time, our talents, our treasures, and our truth.


“Empowering Future Generations”

B. Must be Proven In Relationships.

  • Authentic mentoring provides new leaders!
  • One generation MUST connect with the next generation.

“Empowering Future Generations”

  • Understanding Today’s Elisha Generation

> They desire a double anointing.

> They are a networking generation using technology.

> Their point of reference in ministry is different.

> Their understanding of church history is different.

> They create new ideas for ministry.


“Empowering Future Generations”

  • Understanding Today’s Elisha Generation (cont.)

> They don’t want denominational baggage.

> They have new ways to reach the unchurched.

> They see the mission field as being geographically wide-open.

> To them a changing society demands change in ministry methods.

> They need mentors.


“Empowering Future Generations”

> Incubation time is required to prove their ministry ideas.

> They work in ministry TEAMS rather than as individuals.

> They are shaped by different cultural forces than their predecessors.

> They desire to be biblically relevant to our culture.

> The question in the back of their mind is: “Are we really welcome here?”


“Empowering Future Generations”

  • To Pass and Receive The Baton of Leadership Requires:

> “Hear What God Is Saying”

> “Capture His Priorities”

> “Fulfill Your Assignment With Passion”

> “Look For His Fingerprints In Ministering”

> “Don’t Touch The Ark”


“Empowering Future Generations”

Final Thoughts:

  • Who is God calling you to reach that no one else is reaching?
  • What is God calling you to attempt that has not been done before?
  • What new thing will God call you to create that is hated today, but will be embraced tomorrow?
  • What heart adjustments do you need in order to honor God and have success in your ministry?