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Tut, Tut

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Tut, Tut

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  1. Tut, Tut Written by Jon Scieszka Illustrated by Lane Smith

  2. DAY 1

  3. dense • Blend • Thick, crowded together • Rashid reached though the dense bushes to rescue the baby bird.

  4. habit • Chunk • A usual or repeated way of behaving • Ava was in the habit of brushing her teeth three times a day.

  5. allowance • Base word + ending • Money given at a scheduled time or for a specific purpose • Stacey receives a weekly allowance for taking care of the family’s pet dog.

  6. conjure • Chunk • Imagine, bring about using magic • Alex had to conjure up a creative story for his writing.

  7. staggered • Base word + ending • Moved unsteadily • Anna staggered across the boat’s deck, which was rocking violently from side to side.

  8. Pomegranate • Chunk • A round, reddish fruit with a thick skin and many seeds • David ate the seeds of the pomegranate.

  9. civilization • Base word + ending • An advanced way of life for a group of people • The fourth graders read about the ancient Roman civilization.

  10. chaos • Chunk • Complete confusion or disorder • The town was in absolute chaos after the earthquake.

  11. Sentence 1 Shawn walked his tasso on a leash. • Sentence 2 The ravenous dog, who had not eaten for three days, ate his food in seconds.

  12. Suzy secured her smock around her waist and placed the paintbrush in her pocket. Then Suzy squeezed bright colors of paint onto her palette. She carefully set the canvas on the easel. Suzy took the paintbrush out of her pocket and began to paint.

  13. Team Talk Extender Is this the first time the Trio has traveled back in time? What clues does the author give that tell you this is different?(DC)

  14. DAY 2

  15. Two-Minute Edit

  16. Team Talk Extender What did Joe do to convince Hatsnat they were magicians and not robbers? What would you have done if you had been in that situation? Why?

  17. Sample Graphic Organizer Beginning Characters: Kayla and Kate Setting: Plymouth, Massachusetts at the First Thanksgiving Problem: They need to get back home in time for Thanksgiving dinner How they travel: The Magnificent Cookbook

  18. DAY 3


  20. Team Talk Extender What part of Tut,Tut made you laugh? Name another story you have read in which the author uses humor. Explain which parts of the story were funny and why.

  21. Sample Graphic Organizer

  22. DAY 4

  23. 2-minute edit

  24. Team Talk Extender What is suspense? How does the author show suspense in the story on page 32?

  25. DAY 5

  26. TEST DAY

  27. Week 2

  28. DAY 1

  29. boomed • Base word + ending • Made a deep, rumbling sound • Lightning flashed through the sky, and the thunder boomed.

  30. honored • Base word + ending • Worthy, respected • The honored guests walked onto the stage and received their medals.

  31. impress • Chunk • To influence, affect strongly • Sean brought his new bike to school hoping to impress his friends.

  32. sneered • Base word + ending • Smiled in a mean or scornful way • Hatsnat sneered as he stole the gold statue from the tomb.

  33. orchestra • Chunk • A group of people who play musical instruments • The conductor waved his baton, and the orchestra began to play.

  34. sputtered • Base word + ending • Spit out, made explosive popping sounds • Suddenly, the engine sputtered and the car stopped moving.

  35. exhibits • Chunk • Things shown to the public, things on display • Joe looked at the exhibits of baseball cards at the convention center.

  36. delirious • Chunk • Frantic, confused, wildly excited • Amber was delirious when she woke up in the hospital after fainting.

  37. Example 1 Lance picked up the baseball bat and practiced his swing. His team was losing the soccer game by one point, and it was the last inning. Lance needed to hit a home run to tie the game.

  38. Example 2 Deena walked home in a bad mood. Mr. Mooreland had just announced the cast for the school play. Deena had gotten the best part. She was the star of the show. Deena didn’t want to be the star of the show. She didn’t want to be in the play at all. She had a bad case of stage fright.

  39. Team Talk Extender On page 42, the author gives the reader a surprise. What is the surprise? What clues does the author give to prepare the reader for this?

  40. DAY 2


  42. Team Talk Extender Do you think Joe really has magical powers? Why? Use evidence from the text to support your answer.(DC)

  43. DAY 3


  45. Team Talk Extender How does the author show that this story is a fantasy? How does he make it seem real? Use evidence from the story to support your answer.(DC, CC)

  46. DAY 4


  48. Team Talk Extender Which character in the story Tut, Tut is most like you? Use details from the text and about yourself to explain your answers.(CC)

  49. DAY 5

  50. TEST DAY