6 th grade adv g t elar n.
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6 th Grade Adv. & G.T. ELAR. PowerPoint Presentation
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6 th Grade Adv. & G.T. ELAR.

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6 th Grade Adv. & G.T. ELAR. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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6 th Grade Adv. & G.T. ELAR.

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  1. 6th Grade Adv. & G.T. ELAR. English, Language Arts and Reading Mrs. Lubojacky

  2. #bemoredog http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMzgl0nFj3s How will you be more dog?

  3. GT Curriculum • Magic Lens –higher level grammar • Word within the Word (STEMS) – higher level vocabulary • The College of William and Mary Curriculum – literature based on themes. • CSCOPE

  4. CSCOPE Curriculum • Unit 1 – Exploring Literary Nonfiction and Poetry • Unit 2 – Exploring Fiction and Drama • Unit 3 – Exploring Informational Text • Unit 4 – Exploring Persuasive Text and Media • Unit 5 – Generating Connections: Informational Text • Unit 6 – Exploring Through Research • For more information about the curriculum, please see the Cscope Parent tab under Parent Resources on the Wylie webpage: http://www.tcmpc.org/parentportal

  5. GT To quote Michael Clay Thompson, “All human beings are marvelously intelligent; it is the very quality which distinguishes us as a species.” As gifted and talented teachers we believe this to be especially true for are students and our goal is to expose students to higher level thinking and we are dedicated to teaching good knowledge. The Wylie Gifted and Talented program (WINGS) is built upon, with each grade a preparation for the next.

  6. Advanced ELAR Curriculum • SpringBoard With SpringBoard, students read deeply and develop the critical-thinking skills needed to emerge as successful reading , writers and thinkers. Key Features: • Educational Research • Rigorous Standards • Instructional Framework is built on “designing with the end in mind” • Teaching and learning strategies are a cornerstone • Purposeful learning activities are relevant, rigorous, student-centered, engaging, interactive an collaborative • Differentiated Instruction Assessment • Teacher support and Professional Development

  7. Springboard Mission Statement To inspire, connect and prepare all students for college and post-secondary success.

  8. Springboard • http://springboard.collegeboard.org/SB/login.actionUsername: Student ID numberPassword: wylieisd • School student Code: 275941

  9. G.T. Novels • Summer Reading – Al Capone Does My Shirts • Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli • Knots in my Yo-Yo String by Jerry Spinelli • A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle • Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor • Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper

  10. Advanced Academics Novels • Summer Reading Choices • Holes by Louis Sachar • Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick

  11. Important Information about the Queen Name: Jennifer Lubojacky Subject: 6th ELAR GT & Adv.) Conference Days and Times: Tues- Fri 2:15-3:15 pm and before or afterschool by appointment. Email: jennifer.lubojacky@wylieisd.net Voice Mail: 972-429-3300X 7295 Tutoring Times: Mon-Fri 7:45-8:07 am & Thursdays 3:30-4:00. Other afterschool times available by appointment.

  12. Remind101 Want important reminders about class? Sign up for Remind101. Advanced ELAR Text @luboj to 832-730-4109 GT Text @lubo to 832-7304109

  13. Queen Lubojacky’s Royal Rules Consequence if student’s name is left by sub for misbehavior or not working is an automatic detention • Detention #1 is 30 minutes • Detention # 2- 100 is 45 minutes • Detention can be also given for missing In-class and Homework assignments. I expect my students to follow the 5P’s and Be… • Productive • Positive • Polite • Prepared • Prompt

  14. Queen Lubojacky’s FAQ”S • Where do papers get turned in? Each period has a basket and it is your child’s responsibility to turn in their papers when they are due and complete. • What if there is no name on my paper? Papers with no name are placed into the NO NAME folder. A name on a paper should include first and last name.

  15. FAQ’s Continued • Where does my students get returned papers? Each of my students has a file with their name in alphabetical order by last name. Graded papers are placed in their file and it is the student’s responsibility to check their file at least once a week. • What if my student gets a grade below a 70? All assignments can be redone • Does my child need a tutoring pass? Yes! Or a note from home

  16. FAQ’s Continued • What if my child is absent? Work is collected for your child the day(s) that they are absent by the class attendance clerk and placed in the Absent Work Folder. It is your child’s responsibility to pick up their absent work from the folder when they return to school. They have the number of days that they were absent to make up the missed assignments.

  17. FAQ’s Continued • What if I leave my homework or something else I need for class in my locker? We have designated locker times and are not allowed to send anyone to their lockers during any NON locker times.

  18. Student Teachers and Student Intern This year we are blessed with 2 student teachers and a WE High School student intern. Student Teachers • Trisha O’Neill 8-18 to 9-30 & 1-5 to 2-20 • Crysta Cole 10-7 to 11-18 & 2-23 to 4-17 WEHS Student Intern • Brandy Jones T,W, Th, during 1st period 9-16 to end of school year

  19. Clubs! • Clubs is a time for students and teachers to get to know each other while doing something fun and interesting. • This year clubs has been upgraded!! We have more new and exciting clubs like Young Biologists, Babysitting Training, TedEd club and many more! • Students will choose their own clubs based on interest and rotate through 3 different clubs over the year. • Start the week of October 13 and will be once a week. • Students will have an adjusted schedule those days. • Clubs may end up being two days a week later in the year so that we can incorporate career curriculum.