crt electronic waste committee
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CRT/Electronic Waste Committee

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CRT/Electronic Waste Committee. OVERVIEW OF THE DRAFT IDAHO ELECTRONIC DEVICES RECYCLING ACT Drafted by Representative Trail. Eastern Idaho Regional Solid Waste Committee Meeting July 17, 2008 Idaho Falls, Idaho. Concern with E-Waste.

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crt electronic waste committee
CRT/Electronic Waste Committee


Eastern Idaho Regional Solid Waste Committee Meeting

July 17, 2008

Idaho Falls, Idaho

concern with e waste
Concern with E-Waste
  • Estimated that technology today will be outdated within 18 months.
  • Upcoming analog to digital television broadcast conversion in February, 2009
  • Reuse and recycling of materials in e-waste.
  • Potential for lead and other heavy metals to leach after landfilling.
current status of e waste regulations in the us
Current Status of E-waste Regulations in the US
  • Advanced Recovery Fee (ARF) vs. Manufacturer Take-back Program (MTB)
    • ARF – Retailer collect fee when new units are purchased and passes the fee along to government for management of e-waste
    • MTB – Electronic manufacturers are responsible for paying the cost to collect and recycle e-waste
  • Federal E-waste Legislation
idaho electronic devices recycling act
  • Manufacturer Take Back Program
  • Modeled after Oregon’s program
  • Phased Approach
important definitions
Important Definitions
  • Covered Electronic Devices
    • Computer monitor with a viewable area > 4”
    • Desktop computer or portable computer
    • Television of any type having a viewable area > 4”
  • Covered Entity
    • Households, businesses that employs <10 people, non-profits or anyone giving a collector 7 or fewer covered electronic devices.


Return Share

Recycling Fee

Est. & Oversee State Contracted Collector

Pay collector

manufacturer responsibilities
Manufacturer Responsibilities
  • Register with DEQ
  • Submit management plan to DEQ for covered electronic devices.
  • Participate in state contractor program, individual collection program or group program.
  • If participating in the state program, pay their portion of the cost.
  • Submit year-end plan discussing collection activities for past year.
manufacturers plan
Manufacturers Plan
  • The Plan must describe
    • Finance, manage & conduct a statewide program to collect CED
    • Provide for environmentally sound management
    • Provide for advertising & promotion of the collection program
    • Include convenient collection sites that are opened and staffed at a frequency adequate to meet the needs of the area
    • Conduct a statistically significant sampling or actual count and report results to DEQ
orphan devices
Orphan Devices
  • Covered Electronic Device for which no manufacturer can be identified.
  • Each registered manufacturer is required to cover the cost for managing orphan devices based upon their respective annual return share percentage
tiered registration fee
Tiered Registration Fee
  • > 1% - $15,000
  • 0.1%>1% - $5,000
  • 0.01>0.1 - $200
  • < 0.01% - $40

After 2012, the EQ Board may modify the registration fee so the fee matches the Dept’s costs to implement the program.

oregon s tier numbers
Oregon’s Tier Numbers
  • Tier 1 – 19 manufactures = $285,000
  • Tier 2 – 19 manufactures = $95,000
  • Tier 3 – 17 manufactures = $3400
  • Tier 4 – 40 manufactures = $1600

Total $385,330

deq responsibilities
DEQ Responsibilities
  • Develop list of registered manufacturers and covered electronic devices.
  • Review manufacturers’ management plans.
  • Manage registration fees.
  • Develop responsible recycling guidelines.
  • Establish appropriate collection fees.
  • Review manufacturers’ year-end reports.
deq responsibilities1
DEQ Responsibilities
  • Develop annual report to Legislature
  • Disperse collection fees received
  • Update website with current list of registered manufactures.
estimated volume of e waste
Estimated Volume of E-Waste
  • Based on other collection programs, Idaho could expect 3.4 lbs/person/year.
  • 3.4 lbs/person/year x 1.47 million people = 5 million pounds per year of e-waste.
cost to collect transport recycle e waste
Cost to Collect, Transport & Recycle E-waste
  • Costs vary between $0.27 to $0.48 per pound to manage e-waste.
  • Expected collection cost could range between $1.35 to $2.4 million annually.
oregon e recycling schedule
Oregon E-Recycling Schedule

9/07- DEQ hires program staff

- Notifies manufacturers known to sell CEDs in Oregon about requirements

- DEQ develop project plan for contracting for statewide contractor program

10/07 – DEQ convenes a policy workgroup to help develop program guidelines

10/15/07 – DEQ opens manufacturer’s registration system

12/31/07 – Manufacturers must register with DEQ to sell CEDs

01-02/07 – DEQ issues RFP for state contractor program

03/08 – DEQ & advisory work group complete initial program guidelines

DEQ notifies manufacturers of preliminary return share obligations and give 30-day appeal notice

oregon e recycling schedule1
Oregon E-Recycling Schedule

05/08 – DEQ notifies manufacturers of their return share 07/01/08 – Annual registration fees are due for all registered manufacturers

Manufacturers submit their program plans for approval, if they are doing their own recycling program

DEQ notifies manufacturers of their recycling fees for participating in the statewide contractor program

DEQ awards contractor(s) for state contractor program

01/09 – State contractor & manufacturer recycling programs begin operating.

01/10 – Landfill disposal of CEDs is banned.

additional information
Additional Information

Oregon DEQ Electronics Home


Washington DoE Electronics Home


Electronic Take Back Coalition


Product Stewardship Initiative