External control risk assessment and certification process
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External Control Risk Assessment and Certification Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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External Control Risk Assessment and Certification Process. GMO- free Labelling in Practice Know-how Transfer and Experiences with the Austrian Labelling System Workshop im Rahmen des Donau Soja Symposiums 5. September 2012. Topics. Who is agroVet and what do we do?

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External control risk assessment and certification process

External ControlRisk Assessment and Certification Process

GMO-freeLabelling in Practice

Know-how Transfer andExperienceswiththe Austrian Labelling System

Workshop im Rahmen des Donau Soja Symposiums

5. September 2012

Dr. Gabriele Moder


  • Who is agroVet and what do we do?

  • Cultivation of GM crops

  • Project workflow (overview)

  • Inspection and certification workflow (overview)

  • Example: feed!

Dr. Gabriele Moder

Agrovet certification

  • Austria‘s leading inspection bodyfor GMO-free production of food and feed

  • Private owned, independent company

  • Accredited according to EN 45011 standards

Dr. Gabriele Moder

Gmo free inspection and certification

  • Milk: inspection of ~ 8000 farmers, ~ 35 dairies

  • Eggs: ~ 500 farmers, plus packing and breeding units

  • Meat: beef (~ 450 farmers), pork (~ 100 farmers), poultry (~ 100 farmers)

  • Processing units: Feed-mills, Oil-Mills,…

Dr. Gabriele Moder

Genetically modified crops

Quellen: www.transgen.de, USDA (Anbauzahlen 2010/11)

Dr. Gabriele Moder

Project workflow
Project Workflow

  • Meeting with interested partner (= food processors) – basic features: who / what / when

  • Guidelines for farmers – what to do, which feed is allowed, starting time, documentation…

  • Meeting with all parties: processors and farmers

  • Project starts

Dr. Gabriele Moder

Inspection and certification workflow
InspectionandCertification Workflow

  • Start of inspectionfirst inspection of all farmers and processors

  • correction and improvement process

  • Risk assessmentrisk based inspection in the following years

  • Certification - in the office

    • Correct labelled products in the shelfs / supermarket / consumers

Dr. Gabriele Moder

Inspection points

  • Recipes, quantities

  • Documentation, traceability

  • Processing: separate production (time, place)

  • Sample taking, analysis

  • Labelling

Dr. Gabriele Moder

Critical point feed
Critical Point: Feed

GMO-feed is not allowed! Labelling according to EU legislation (1830/2003)

Dr. Gabriele Moder


… feedcontaining material which contains, consists of or is produced from GMOs in a proportion no higher than 0,9 per cent of the feed and of each feed of which it is composed, provided that this presence is adventitiousortechnicallyunavoidable…

article 24 (2) of EU regulation 1829/2003 on geneticallymodifiedfoodandfeed

Dr. Gabriele Moder

Feed: Correctlabelling in Austriaaccordingto Austrian Codex guidelinefor GMO-freeproductionoffoodanditslabelling

  • example:

  • = suitablefortheproductionof GMO-freefoodinspectionbody: agroVet

Dr. Gabriele Moder

Gmo free feed finder on www infoxgen com
GMO-freefeedfinder on www.infoxgen.com

  • Easy to use

  • No costs forinternet-users

  • Listing feesfor feed-producers

Dr. Gabriele Moder

Thank you for your attention

Dr. Gabriele Moder