reproductive system n.
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Reproductive System

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Reproductive System. Gonads develop from genital ridges of mesoderm, just medial to kidneys Germinal epithelium will form the gametes. Male - Testes. Seminiferous tubules are coiled tubules lined with germinal epithelium & make sperm in most vertebrates

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reproductive system
Reproductive System
  • Gonads develop from genital ridges of mesoderm, just medial to kidneys
  • Germinal epithelium will form the gametes
male testes
Male - Testes
  • Seminiferous tubules are coiled tubules lined with germinal epithelium & make sperm in most vertebrates
  • A few fish, cyclostomes, urodeles lack seminiferous tubules and make sperm in cysts that collapse upon spawning
location of testes
Location of testes
  • Abdominal cavity in monotremes, elephants, whales and non-mammals
  • Descended permanently in ungulates, carnivores, humans
  • Rectractile in rabbits, lower primates
  • Sperm pass through the vasa efferentia in a closed system to the
  • Vas deferens = spermatic duct = mesonephric duct
Vas deferens empties into cloaca below placental mammals and
  • Urethra = Urogenital sinus in placental mammals
copulatory organs
Copulatory Organs
  • Needed to introduce sperm into females for internal fertilization
  • Claspers in elasmobranchs – modified pelvic fin
copulatory organs1
Copulatory Organs
  • Gonopodium – teleosts – modified anal fin
copulatory organ
Copulatory Organ
  • Hemipenes in snakes and lizards
  • Can protrude
copulatory organs2
Copulatory Organs
  • Penis
  • Erectile tissue
  • Turtles, crocodiles, monotremes, some birds have a penis as a thickening on floor of cloaca
  • Placenta mammals have an external penis
female gonad ovary
Female Gonad - Ovary
  • Hollow, but lined with germinal epithelium in teleosts
  • Thin-walled sacs in anurans and urodeles
  • Fluid-filled lacunae in reptiles, bird, monotremes
  • Solid in mammals, containing follicles
  • Into coelom, open system
oviducts uterus vagina
Oviducts, Uterus, Vagina
  • Develop from Muellerian Ducts in most
oviducts uterus vagina1
Oviducts, Uterus, Vagina
  • Empty into cloaca below placental mammals
  • May be specialized in some areas
placental mammals
Placental mammals
  • Uterus variations
  • Marsupials have 2
  • Most placental mammals have horns for multiple births
  • Cervix – caudal-most muscular opening to vagina
placental mammals1
Placental Mammals
  • Vagina
    • The vagina, a cloacal derivative, empties into the urogenital sinus in most placental mammals
    • The vagina opens directly to the vulva in rodents and primates
  • The cloaca, or vent, receives intestine and urogenital structures in all vertebrates except placental mammals
  • Urorectal fold is present in reptiles, birds and monotremes
  • It begins to divide the cloaca
  • Coprodeum – collects digestive waste dorsally
  • Urodeum – collects urine ventrally
  • Proctodeum – common, undivided, terminal
  • Cloaca divides into urogenital sinus and rectum in all placental mammals except female primates & rodents
  • Urethra, vagina, rectum in female primates & rodents
key points
Key Points
  • Is the cloaca a correct term to use when discussing the mammal? Why or why not?
key points1
Key Points
  • What is meant by the reproductive system in the male being a closed system and the female being an open system?
key point
Key Point
  • Gonads make gametes. Name the gonads and gametes for each sex.