Day 3: Session 2
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Day 3: Session 2. Strategically. Mobilizing Resources. An analogy…. Your Experience…. Your top tips on mobilizing resources??. Overview. The need for a strategic approach The SNG/SNO context The corporate RMMS New tools – Website, IMPACT, the RM Guide and the RM Intranet.

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Mobilizing Resources

Your experience
Your Experience….

  • Your top tips on mobilizing resources??


  • The need for a strategic approach

  • The SNG/SNO context

  • The corporate RMMS

  • New tools – Website, IMPACT, the RM Guide and the RM Intranet

RM – an essential component

Quality programming is a vital prerequisite to attracting resources

60% of FAO’s resources come from Voluntary/Extrabudgetary Contributions

Resource Mobilization is


VC trend and projections

Average and

2012/13 Target

FAO’s biennial RM Target

USD 1.6Billion for next PWB

FAO’s top resource partners

  • EU

  • USA

  • MUL

  • Spain


  • Japan


  • Canada

  • Italy

  • GEF/Belgium

  • UK

  • Sweden/Germany

Challenges and Opportunities

  • Ad-hoc approach

  • Many small, isolated projects

  • Fragmentation

  • Economic crisis

  • Critique of FAO (MAR, MOPAN, AMA)

  • New resource partners “on the block”

Decentralized RM Strategies

Country Office

Regional Office

Subregional Office

SNG/SNO Context

The Corporate

Resource Mobilization and Management Strategy


The Corporate RMMS

The Strategy aims to achieve adequate, more predictable and sustainable voluntary contributions that fully support the achievement of FAO’s objectivesat the global, regional, subregional and country levels

RMMS – Outcomes

Expanding resource partnerships

Communicatingpriorities for RM

Enhancing RM capacities

Effectively manage and report on resources

Guiding Principles

All resource mobilization efforts should....

Support FAO’s Strategic Framework and Members’ priorities

Comply with FAO’s rules and regulations

Are built on trust and mutual accountability

Are monitored and accounted for

Are coordinated and harmonized Organization-wide

Rm roles and responsibilities
RM roles and responsibilities

Corporate-level: the TC Department has the lead role, OSP, OCE, TDs/Strategy Team Leaders have a key function

Regional level: ADG oversees all RM activities, with specific responsibilities assigned to FP Officers and TOs

Subregional level: the SRC manages all resource mobilization efforts with support from TOs and FP Support and Monitoring Officers, and the Regional Emergency Coordinator (where present)

Country level: FAOR lead role supported by the AFAOR, the Chief TA, and the Emergency Coordinator

  • New tools



  • RM Guide and Intranet

  • ADAM


an RM Strategy and Action Plan






5 practical steps

See RM ‘Tips & Tools’ table

Preparing the Strategy/Action Plan (see Guidance Note)

  • Resource Mobilization Situation Analysis…looking at resource trends, the office’s capacity to deliver, and a list of potential resource partners, identified in the Resource Partner Matrix

  • The Resource line with the CPF Results Matrix



  • The RM Action Plan... outlining a list of activities, roles and a timeframe, in line with the outcomes of the RM Strategy and a set of RM Principles

  • Monitoring and Evaluation... detailing how RM efforts will be tracked, reviewed and adjusted

Ideas to get started

Assign donor focal points within the office team

Strengthen a team approach to RM by having regular meetings, information sharing, updating knowledge through training and developing contacts

Consult the corporate RM intranet for updates on corporate guidelines and opportunities in RM

Integrate RM activities into the Office’s work plan

Group Work :RM Strategy and Action Planning


Resource Partners

Group work/Discussion:

  • EU

  • Host Govt, IFIs and GEF

  • Private Sector

  • MDTFs

  • Emergency Funds