professional sewer line cleaning services n.
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Professional Sewer Line Cleaning Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Sewer Line Cleaning Services

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Professional Sewer Line Cleaning Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Professional Sewer Line Cleaning Services

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  1. Professional Sewer Line Cleaning Services Tel:(914) 930-4968 E-mail:

  2. Dom Santucci and Santucci Construction Corp. have served the communities in Westchester and Putnam for 35-years. Santucci Construction Corp. is a premier excavation and septic contractor.

  3. Sewer Line Problems • Obstructions in the sewer affect plumbing in the house. You may find sewage seeping out of your drains. • For clearing a blocked sewer, get help from a professional sewer line cleaning service in NY.

  4. Symptoms of Clogging • If the toilet overflows when you are taking a shower, then there is a clog between the toilet and the sewer. • When the shower is in use, it backs up into the waste water line in your house, causing the toilet to overflow.

  5. Causes of Sewer Line Clogs • A build up of flushed toilet paper or debris will clog a sewer line. • Grease poured into the drain can harden within the pipes, which causes debris to collect and clog the plumbing.

  6. Causes of Sewer Line Clogs • Tree roots can block sewer lines and cause clogs. • A broken or collapsed sewer line can get clogged.

  7. Avoid Clogs • Avoid flushing tissue paper, diapers or any other waste that creates clogs. • Avoid dumping large quantities of food or trash down your garbage disposal. • The septic system and sewer line must be inspected. Contact septic and sewer repair service professionals.

  8. Diagnosing the Problem • A visual inspection of the inside of the sewer pipe is required to diagnose the problem. A miniature camera can accomplish this goal. • Inspections are offered by sewer cleaning professionals. They will inspect the pipes, find the problem and offer a solution.

  9. Repair or Replace • If the problem is broken pipes, leaky joints or failure in any minor parts of the septic system, then you need repair. • In case of drain field failure, it is better to get a new system.

  10. Septic and Excavation Contractor, NY • Santucci Construction Corporation is a septic and excavation contractor in Westchester, NY. They are experts, licensed to repair and install septic systems and sewer lines.

  11. Contact Us: Santucci Construction Corp. Septic and Excavation Contractor, Westchester, NY Tel:(914) 930-4968 Fax: (914) 737-1334 Add: 15 Travis Lane Montrose, NY 10548 E-Mail: