Day 31 launching the new ship of state 1789 1800
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Day 31: Launching the New Ship of State 1789-1800 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Day 31: Launching the New Ship of State 1789-1800. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute October 15, 2012 A/A.P . U.S. History Mr. Green. The New Government. Objective:

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Day 31 launching the new ship of state 1789 1800

Day 31: Launching the New Ship of State 1789-1800

Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

October 15, 2012

A/A.P. U.S. History

Mr. Green

The new government
The New Government


By the end of the lesson, students will evaluate the Presidency of Adams by describing Adams’s decision to seek peace rather than declare war with France


Essay will be distributed on Friday, due on Monday

Test will be on Monday.

Embroilments with britain
Embroilments with Britain

London wanted to keep fur trade in the Great Lakes Region

Britain supplied Miami Confederacy with firearms/firewater

Miami’s defeated federal soldiers in 1790/1791

Battle of Fallen Timbers-Mad Anthony Wayne

Treaty of Greenville-Natives gave up land in Old Northwest

Day 31 launching the new ship of state 1789 1800

On the Sea

Britain wanted to starve French West Indies

U.S. to help????

Britain seized 300 American merchant ships

England impressed American seamen

Jeffersonians wanted war with England, at least an embargo

Federalists took no drastic action-Why???

Relationship with britain spain
Relationship with Britain/Spain

Jay’s Treaty

The U.S. wanted Britain out of the posts on U.S. soil-since before Paris in 1783

Britain consented to pay damages for recent seizure, but not future events

Britain demanded repayment to British merchants on pre-Revolutionary accounts

How do you think Americans viewed this treaty with Britain?

What impacts did this treaty have on American politics?


Pinckney’s Treaty 1795

Free navigation on the Mississippi

right of deposit at New Orleans

large disputed territory of western Florida

Presidency of john adams
Presidency of John Adams

Thomas Jefferson selected vice-President

Why did this occur? Will this happen in the future

Inherited a violent quarrel with France

France viewed Jay’s Treaty as a step toward alliance with Britain.

Violated the Franco-American Treaty of 1778.

Seized American merchant vessels

Attempted to meet with Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-XYZ affair

Identify the impacts of the XYZ affair.

Navy Department-3 ship navy expanded

Marine Corps re-established

10,000 man army authorized

Fighting limited to the West Indies

France was not interested in war. Why?

Convention of 1800

Napoleon seized power and eager to end squabble in the West Indies

Adams deserves credit for the Louisiana Purchase. Why?

Alien and sedition acts
Alien and Sedition Acts

Alien laws never enforced

Sedition Act

anyone who impeded the policies of the government or falsely defamed its officials would be liable for a fine and jail-time

Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions

Precursor to the nullification crisis

Nullify federal laws by the states because the states were the final judges if the federal government broke the compact


Place yourself into groups no larger than 4.

Read the front and back of the primary sources.

Complete a pro-con chart about the decision to go to war with France. Each group needs to submit one paper per group. Please use quotes if necessary to support your position for either a pro or con statement. Once you have completed this chart:

1. Each member will write a half-page position on whether or not they would have gone to war with France. Use evidence from the primary sources to support your decision.


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