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  2. PLUMBING TOOLS Blow torches are used to heat metal during soldering. Gas can be supplied via a portable, reusable gas bottle.

  3. PLUMBING TOOLS Above: portable blow torch with disposable gas cylinder.

  4. PLUMBING TOOLS Flux is applied to prevent oxidisation of the surfaces of connectors.

  5. PLUMBING TOOLS Pipe work is heated using a blow lamp. Solder is melted to a liquid with the blow lamp, and is used to weld connectors and pipes together. Once cooled, the solder returns to a solid, forming a watertight seal.

  6. PLUMBING TOOLS Left: oxy-acetylene bottles. One bottle contains oxygen, the other contains acetylene, which is a fuel source. The gasses inside the cylinders are compressed and are in liquid form: once the gasses leave the cylinder, they become gas and are mixed to form a flammable mixture.

  7. PLUMBING TOOLS THE FIRE TRIANGLE HEAT FUEL OXYGEN In order for anything to burn, 3 elements, as above, need to be in place. Oxy-acetylene welding & burning provides these elements.

  8. Top left: oxy-acetylene torch just after ignition: bottom left: torch at full temperature. Below: welding lead using oxy-acetylene torch. PLUMBING TOOLS

  9. PLUMBING TOOLS Pipes are bent to shape using pipe bending tools. The series of images shown next show pipe being bent.



  12. PLUMBING TOOLS Above: a selection of tools commonly used in plumbing. These are labelled on the following slide.

  13. PLUMBING TOOLS Grips Dust Pan & Brush Junior Hacksaw Plumb / string line Hacksaw Gas Bottles

  14. PLUMBING TOOLS Adjustable spanner being used to tighten a radiator valve.

  15. PLUMBING TOOLS Grips being used to tighten a sink waste pipe.

  16. PLUMBING TOOLS A weir flow gauge is used to determine the rate of water flow.

  17. PLUMBING TOOLS Hammer.

  18. PLUMBING TOOLS Above: slotted screwdriver. Below: Phillips screwdriver

  19. PLUMBING TOOLS Differential temperature gauge, used to measure difference in temperature between the flow and return of a combination boiler .

  20. PLUMBING TOOLS A manometer, used to measure pressure.

  21. PLUMBING TOOLS Test & training mock up of a typical domestic hot water system.