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  1. Tentacles By: Roland Smith &Brandon Conwright

  2. Tentacles Quote: “You shore that rusty bucket of bolts can make it to New Zealand.” p. g #3 a metaphor Mood: The mood of the quote is trying to be very sarcastic in their speech.

  3. Tentacles Quotes: “The guys with the shaved head are a couple of Al’s storm troopers , who are actually ex-Navy SEALS.” p. g #6 a metaphor Mood: The mood of this quote is happy and tired. Happy cause they was laughing tired because they just woke up.

  4. Tentacles Quotes: “ The Coelacanth was buzzing with activity.” p. g #3 metaphor Mood: The mood of this quote is excitement. With the use of buzzing you can envision how a bee moves around quickly with lots of energy, with the added action of activity you feel that it is purposeful actions.

  5. Tentacles Quotes: Because Wolfe is to big to fit in a orb. Pg#12 Metaphor Mood :the mood of this quote is happy. Its happy because they are joking and laughing around with each other. That’s why its happy.

  6. Tentacles Quotes: “Al works for us and we don’t have the government breath down are neck.” pg #77 personification Mood: The mood of the quote is personification because its making the government real. The government is not a real person. That is why it’s personification.

  7. Tentacles Quotes: One of Noah Blackwood's “tentacles” was lying on a sleeping bag. Pg#79 metaphor Mood: The mood of this quote is a metaphor because its saying Noah’s arms are long as a tentacle. No humans arm can be longer than a tentacle.

  8. Tentacles Quotes: “Its bulletproof and shark proof.” pg#258 metaphor Mood: This quote is a metaphor because a cage cant be bulletproof because it has holes in it. It can be shark proof but not bullet proof. That’s why this quote is a metaphor.

  9. Tentacles Quot0es: He blew out the engines and were up the creek without a paddle. Pg #263 metaphor Mood: The mood of the quote is mad because they blew the engines and they are in the ocean. So they will half to paddle because the engines blew out.

  10. Tentacles Quote: When I get the package I will give you a shout. Pg #234 metaphor Mood: The mood of this quote is happy cause Mitch and Blackwood are talking. That’s why Mitch said he will give him a shout. That’s the mood of this quote.