Middle ages castles homes of the wealthy
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Middle Ages Castles Homes of the Wealthy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Middle Ages Castles Homes of the Wealthy. Cody Curl. Middle Ages Castles.

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Middle ages castles homes of the wealthy

Middle Ages CastlesHomes of the Wealthy

Cody Curl

Middle ages castles
Middle Ages Castles

Buildings were made of stones, wood, straw, some roofs were made of straw, wood, brick. Some castles were made for battles. They were made out of brick. In 1140 some castles were weak and some were built strong. Some castles were made to protect you from black death. Some were new then they grow old to the king. Some were small most were big. The big castles belong to the rich and the king. It took years to build big castles. The big castles were at least ten stories tall.

Middle ages castles1
Middle Ages Castles

  • Knights guarded the castles with swords.

Poor houses
Poor Houses

The house were strips of wood woven together covered in a plaster of a animal hair and clay).However in some parts of the country huts were made of stone. Peasants huts were either whitewashed or painted in bright colors. The poorest people lived in one-room huts. Slightly better off peasants lived in huts with one or two rooms. There were no panes of glass in the windows only wooden shutters, which were closed at night. The floors were of hard earth sometimes covered in straw for warmth. In the middle of a peasant’s hut was a fire used for cooking and heating. There was no chimney.

Rich houses
Rich houses

Medieval manor houses were owned by Medieval England's wealthy - those who were at or near the top of the feudal system. Few original Medieval manor houses still exist as many manor houses were built onto over the next centuries. For this reason, you have to look at Tudor and Stuart manors to find where Medieval architecture existed and where it was 'improved‘.


The end
The end

  • To all the castles and knights.