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Georgia Studies Academic Bowl PowerPoint Presentation
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Georgia Studies Academic Bowl

Georgia Studies Academic Bowl

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Georgia Studies Academic Bowl

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  1. Georgia Studies Academic Bowl

  3. What are the names of the states that border Georgia? Alabama Tennessee North Carolina South Carolina Florida
  4. How many geographic regions does Georgia have? 5
  5. What are the geographic regions of Georgia? Coastal Plain Piedmont Ridge and Valley Appalachian Plateau Blue Ridge
  6. In which region is Atlanta located? Piedmont
  7. What is the smallest geographic region? Appalachian Plateau
  8. What region is known for its production of peanuts, pecans, and corn? Coastal Plain
  9. In what region is the Okefenokee Swamp located? Coastal Plain
  10. What is the highest peak in Georgia? Brasstown Bald
  11. What two regions are separated by the Fall Line? Piedmont & Coastal Plain
  12. What is the largest swamp in North America? Okefenokee Swamp
  14. What was the oldest prehistoric Indian civilization found in Georgia? Paleo
  15. Why did the Archaic people move frequently? To find food
  16. What people were the FIRST to make and use pottery? Archaic
  17. During which prehistoric period did the bow and arrow come into use? Woodland
  18. Who were the FIRST people to use burial mounds? Woodland
  19. What factor resulted in prehistoric Indians making permanent settlements? Began to cultivate plants
  20. Name the prehistoric traditions of Georgia in order of their existence? Paleo, Archaic, Woodland, Mississippian
  21. Who was the first European explorer to enter Georgia? Hernando de Soto
  22. What were the main reasons the Spanish explored North America? Gold, Glory & God
  23. Name the European countries that were the major colonizers of the New World. Spain, England, France
  24. What was the first permanent English settlement in the New World? Jamestown
  25. What was the first Spanish settlement in the New World? St. Augustine
  26. What was the British trade policy during the period of colonization? mercantilism
  27. What factor was necessary to maintain a favorable balance of trade in the 1600s and 1700s? More exports than imports
  28. What was the name of the first British fort constructed in Georgia? Fort King George
  29. Who granted Georgia’s charter in 1732? King George II
  30. Where was Georgia’s first settlement? Savannah
  31. Who was the founder of Georgia and when was it founded? James Oglethorpe, 1733
  32. According to the charter, what groups of people could not be Georgia colonists? Catholics, liquor dealers, lawyers, blacks
  33. What Indians were led by Tomochichi? Yamacraws
  34. What ship transported the first colonists to Georgia? The Ann
  35. Where did James Oglethorpe and the first Georgia colonists land when they arrived in Georgia? Yamacraw Bluff
  36. The original plan for Savannah called for the building of 4 what? squares
  37. Who served as an interpreter for Oglethorpe? Mary Musgrove
  38. Tomochichi allowed Oglethorpe to settle on a bluff overlooking what river? Savannah River
  39. The Germans under the leadership of John Martin Bolzius were referred to as the what? The Salzburgers
  40. What was the name of their settlement? Ebenezer
  41. On which barrier island did the Salzburgers settle? St. Simons Island
  42. What group settled at Darien? Highland Scots
  43. What battle was the beginning of the safe southern frontier for the British? Battle of Bloody Marsh
  44. Name 3 areas of colonist discontent? slavery sale of rum land ownership
  45. What policy did the king make to ensure that the trustees did not take advantage of the colony? They could not hold office.
  46. What term was used to describe those who complained about the policies of the trustees? malcontents
  47. In 1752, Georgia became a ____colony? royal
  48. Who were the three royal governors of Georgia? John Reynolds Henry Ellis James Wright
  49. Which 2 countries were involved in the French and Indian war? Great Britain France
  50. What law forbade colonists to move west of the Appalachian Mountains? Proclamation of 1763
  51. The Proclamation of 1763 moved Ga.’s southern boundary to what? St. Mary’s River
  52. How did the French and Indian War lead to America’s Revolutionary War? To get money to repay war debts, Great Britain taxed the colonists on the premise that the war had been necessary to protect the colonies from France
  53. What event began with snowball fight and ended with 5 deaths? Boston Massacre
  54. What declared the independence of the American colonies? Declaration of Independence
  55. How many original colonies were there? 13
  56. Who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
  57. Where did the first colonial victory in Georgia during the American Revolution? Battle of Kettle Creek
  58. What British policy greatly affected Ga. by adding a tax on newspapers and licenses? Stamp Act
  59. What was the British policy punishing Boston for the Tea Party? Intolerable Acts
  60. Name the 3 Georgians that signed the Declaration of Independence. George Walton Lyman Hall Button Gwinnett
  61. Who headed the militia that defeated the British at the Battle of Kettle Creek? Elijah Clarke
  62. Who was the commander of the Continental Army during the American Revolution? George Washington
  63. Who is the Revolutionary war heroine who has a county named for her? Nancy Hart
  64. What was the most significant result of the siege of Savannah? Savannah remained in British hands.
  65. Who was the black soldier who was seriously wounded at the Battle of Kettle Creek? Austin Dabney
  66. What was the opposite name of Loyalists? Patriots
  67. Why did the writers of Georgia’s first constitution (1777) want to limit the power of the governor? In the past, the governor showed too much loyalty to the king.
  68. Who was elected Georgia’s first governor under the Constitution of 1777? John Adam Treutlen
  69. What was the first written plan for the government of the United States called? Articles of Confederation
  70. What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention held in 1787? To Revise the Articles of Confederation
  71. Who were the 2 signers of the US Constitution from Georgia? Abraham Baldwin William Few
  72. What was the purpose of the headright system in Georgia? To distribute Indian lands to new settlers
  73. What scandal took place when Georgia’s governor and some legislators were bribed to sell public land to private developers at below-market price? Yazoo Land Fraud
  74. What system replaced the headright system as a way of allocating land? Land Lottery
  75. Who was the Creek leader in the Oconee War between the Creek and the Georgia pioneers? Alexander McGillivray
  76. Why was William McIntosh, a Creek chief, murdered by his own people? He signed a treaty giving up the last Creek lands in Georgia to the federal government.
  77. What were the 2 main Indian tribes in Georgia? Creeks Cherokees
  78. The removal of the Cherokee from their land is referred to as what? Trail of Tears
  79. The Indians were taken to the Indian Territory, which is mainly what present-day state? Oklahoma
  80. What was George Gist’s major contribution to the Cherokee culture? Sequoyah made a syllabary – Cherokee alphabet
  81. What discovery led to the final Indian removal from Georgia? Gold
  82. Who was the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court who ruled that Cherokee territory was not subject to state law? John Marshall
  83. Who was the Cherokee chief who took a petition of Congress protesting the Cherokee removal from their land? John Ross
  84. What is a land grant university? Land for the university was donated by the federal government.
  85. What is Georgia’s first land grant university? UGA
  86. By 1860, what were the 2 largest church denominations in Georgia? Methodists Baptists
  87. Why did the capital of Georgia move so often? To follow the major part of the population
  88. What invention had the greatest effect on Georgia’s economy in the early 1800’s? cotton gin
  89. What railroad became the primary railroad in Georgia in the 1830’s? Western and Atlantic
  90. Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
  91. Who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin? Harriet Beecher Stowe
  92. Would the northern states or the southern states believe that the interests of the national government should take precedence over the states? What is it called if you think that the state takes precedence over the national government? southern states states’ rights
  93. According to the provisions of the Missouri Compromise, what state was admitted as a free state? Maine
  94. What is the belief the one region is better or more important that another region of the country? sectionalism
  95. What state entered the Union as a free state because of the Compromise of 1850? California
  96. Who led a raid on a federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia? John Brown
  97. What Georgia leader became the vice president of the Confederate States of America? Alexander Stephens
  98. Who was the governor of Georgia during the Civil War? Joseph Brown
  99. What Supreme Court decision pushed the nation closer to war? The Dred Scott Decision
  100. What was the statement from Georgia that supported the Compromise of 1850? The Georgia Platform
  101. What was the purpose of the Fugitive Slave Law? To require the return of runaway slaves to their owners
  102. What was the name of the Union plan to isolate the western Confederate states? Anaconda Plan
  103. What contributed to the lack of success of the Union blockade? blockade runners
  104. What were the 2 major campaigns fought in Georgia during the Civil War? Atlanta Campaign Savannah Campaign
  105. Which Union general led the “March to the Sea”? General William T. Sherman
  106. Where was the notorious Confederate prison in Georgia? Andersonville
  107. Why was Chickamauga important to both the North and the South? It was the railroad center.
  108. How was the Emancipation Proclamation a concession to the South? The South could keep their slaves if they stopped fighting.
  109. What was the bloodiest one day battle of the Civil War? Antietam
  110. What battle was considered the turning point of the war against the Confederacy? Where was this fought? Gettysburg Pennsylvania
  111. What was President Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction called? 10% Plan
  112. In President Johnson’s Reconstruction plan what amendment to the Constitution had to be approved by the southern states? 13th Amendment
  113. Ultimately what was the goal of the Radical Republicans against the southern states? To punish the southern rebelling states
  114. What did the 13th Amendment do? Abolish slavery
  115. What did the 14th Amendment do? Made blacks citizens
  116. What did the 15th Amendment do? Gave blacks the right to vote
  117. Help for the former slaves and poor whites came from what organization? Freedmen’s Bureau
  118. What best describes the differences between sharecropping and tenant farming? Sharecroppers owned nothing but their labor, while tenant farmers owned animals and equipment to use working other people’s land.
  119. Limitations on the type of jobs newly freed slaves could have and restrictions on their rights to vote and participate in the legal system were called what? Black Codes
  120. What organization wanted to return control of the southern governments to the Democrats by intimidation? Ku Klux Klan
  121. Why was Henry McNeal Turner and other black legislators expelled from the Georgia General Assembly? He did not have the right to hold political office according to the constitution.
  122. How long did Reconstruction last in Georgia? 5 Years
  123. What young man was lynched in Marietta due to anti-Semitism? Leo Frank
  124. Who benefited from the county unit system? The rural areas of the state
  125. The racial unrest brought about by the Leo Frank case resulted in the creation of a chapter of the KKK who called themselves what? The Knights of Mary Phagan
  126. Stories of black violence against whites in the Atlanta newspapers resulted in what? The Atlanta Race Riot of 1906
  127. What was Tom Watson’s greatest accomplishment? The Rural Free Delivery Bill
  128. The phrase that was used to reflect the change of the South in areas of business, industrialization, agriculture, race relations, and society was what? The New South
  129. The 3 Georgia leaders who shared a strong belief in white supremacy and states’ rights following Reconstruction were referred to as what? The Bourbon Triumvirate
  130. What was held in Atlanta to showcase the industries of the New South? The International Cotton Exposition
  131. Who were the members of the Bourbon Triumvirate? Joseph Brown Alfred Colquitt, John Gordon
  132. Who coined the term “New South”? Henry Grady
  133. What group of the population was supported by Tom Watson, a Georgia populist? farmers
  134. What was the major crop produced in Georgia when Reconstruction ended? cotton
  135. Who wrote for the Atlanta Journal and focused on the need for reform in the prison system? Rebecca Latimer Felton
  136. What U.S. Supreme Court case ruled that segregated facilities much be equal? Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896
  137. African Americans were separated in schools, restrooms and waiting rooms because of what laws? Jim Crow Laws
  138. What court case gave the states the right to promote segregation? Plessy v. Ferguson
  139. What Constitutional amendment was violated by Jim Crow legislation? 14th Amendment
  140. In the early 1900s what methods restricted the voting rights of African Americans in Georgia? Poll taxes grandfather clause Gerrymandering literacy tests
  141. What 2 things hurt Georgia farmers in the early 1900s? Drought Boll weevil
  142. What insect feeds on the white, fluffy cotton? Boll weevil
  143. What 3 things caused the Great Depression? stock speculation borrowing more money than could be repaid overproduction
  144. What 3 things caused the Great What United States president was blamed for the Great Depression? Depression? Herbert Hoover
  145. What was the nickname for the day the stock market crashed? Black Thursday
  146. What is the belief that government should not interfere in the economy called? Laissez-faire
  147. Why did Georgia NOT immediately feel the impact of the stock market crash? Georgia was already in a depression.
  148. What Georgia governor did not support public welfare, voting rights for blacks, or federal assistance programs? Eugene Talmadge
  149. How many times was Eugene Talmadge elected governor? 3
  150. From what group did he receive his greatest support? rural voters
  151. Who was the president credited with bringing the US out of the Great Depression? Franklin D. Roosevelt
  152. What were the programs that paved the way for economic recovery in the United States? The New Deal Programs
  153. What is the AAA? Agricultural Adjustment Act
  154. What group of Georgians benefited most from the AAA? property owners
  155. The system of retirement and unemployment begun as a part of the depression recovery is called what? Social Security
  156. What New Deal program provided loans to farmers’ co-ops so they could run power lines in rural areas? Rural Electrification Agency (REA)
  157. What countries were allies in WWI? Great Britain, France, United States and Russia
  158. What Georgia military installation trained infantry during WWI and is home to US Army infantry today? Fort Benning in Columbus
  159. What 3 ways did Georgia support WWI? Growing food, making uniforms and material for them, transporting arms and soldiers
  160. What was the most immediate cause of WWI? the assassination of Franz Ferdinand of the Austrian Hungarian empire by a Serbian terrorist
  161. Who were the Central Powers? Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire
  162. The German invasion of what country was the immediate cause of WWII? Poland
  163. Why did the US enter WWII? The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor
  164. Name 3 major members of the Axis Powers of WWII. Germany, Japan, Italy
  165. Name 3 major members of the Allied Powers of WWII. Great Britain, the United States, the Soviet Union
  166. Before the US entered WWII, it provided lend-lease aid to what 2 countries? England & the Soviet Union
  167. As its allies ran out of money with which to purchase war equipment, what system did the US. start? the lend-lease aid
  168. The extermination of 6 million Jews and other “undesirables” during WWII is referred to as what? the Holocaust
  169. Who was the world leader who instigated this extermination? Adolf Hitler
  170. Who was the first black president of Atlanta Baptist College? John Hope
  171. Today Atlanta Baptist College is known as Morehouse. Where is it located? Atlanta
  172. Who supported economic equality and vocational education for African Americans? Booker T. Washington
  173. Who supported political equality for African Americans? W.E.B. DuBois
  174. What business made Alonzo Herndon a successful businessman? Atlanta Mutual Insurance Company
  175. What Georgian is known as the “father of the 2-ocean Navy”? Carl Vinson
  176. What governor of Georgia established the Board of Regents of the University System and began school lunch programs? Richard Russell
  177. What did the Bell Aircraft Company in Marietta produce during WWII? The B-29 aircraft
  178. Where in Georgia were Liberty ships built during WWII? Brunswick and Savannah
  179. What New Deal program resulted from President Roosevelt’s view of rural Georgia while sitting on his porch in the evening? Rural Electrification Agency (REA)
  180. Where did Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) die while sitting for a portrait? Warm Springs, Ga.
  181. Why did FDR spend so much time in Georgia? FDR used the warm mineral waters of Warm Springs to ease his polio.
  182. What has resulted in new crops and has changed the way farming is done in Georgia since WWII? technology
  183. What is the key reason for the migration of people into Georgia since the 1960’s? diversified economy
  184. What percentage of Georgia’s population today lives in the Metro Atlanta area? Over 50%
  185. What term is used to describe the residential area immediately around cities? suburban
  186. Unplanned growth surrounding cities is referred to as what? urban sprawl
  187. What problem was created by commuting from the suburbs? air pollution
  188. What is the fastest growing population group in Georgia? Hispanics
  189. Racial moderation that included the integration of lunch counters in Atlanta was achieved during what mayor’s administration? William Hartsfield
  190. Who was the mayor of Atlanta credited with the removal of segregation signs in city hall and the integration of the city government and the fire department? Ivan Allen
  191. Aviation is the issue for which Mayor ____________ is best remembered? Hartsfield
  192. Who was the mayor of Atlanta responsible for bringing professional athletic teams to the city? Ivan Allen
  193. Who was the Georgia native who was the first African American major league baseball player? Jackie Robinson
  194. Who was the first governor of Georgia to serve a term of 4 years? Ellis Arnall
  195. Who were the candidates in the 1966 Georgia Democratic primary for governor? Ellis Arnall Lester Maddox
  196. Abolishing the poll tax and adopting a new state constitution is credited to what governor? Ellis Arnall
  197. What was the US Supreme Court case that ruled the separate-but-equal policy as unconstitutional? Brown v. Board of Education Topeka, Kansas 1954
  198. What law withheld federal funds from schools that did not end segregation? Civil Rights Act of 1964
  199. How did Dr. King favor bringing about social change? Nonviolent protests
  200. What state commission studied the problem of school integration? Sibley Commission
  201. What action of Dr. King directly influenced the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965? March on Washington, 1963
  202. What civil rights movement abandoned the principles of Dr. King? Black Panthers
  203. Who was the first African American to serve as a member of the Atlanta board of education? Benjamin Mays
  204. During the 3 governors episode who was locked out of his office and set up an office at the Capitol’s information counter? Ellis Arnall
  205. Herman Talmadge made his greatest contribution as governor in what area? education
  206. During Herman Talmadge’s administration what was begun in order to fund a lengthened school year and school improvements? 3% sales tax
  207. In what year did the Georgia state flag become an issue in the race for governor? 2000
  208. What organization was founded 2 months after the 1960 sit-in at the Woolworth’s lunch counter in Greensboro, N.C.? Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
  209. To promote civil rights for all citizens is the purpose of what organization? NAACP
  210. The integration of interstate bus station waiting rooms in Albany was the focus of what movement? The Albany Movement 1961
  211. Who was the first black mayor of Atlanta? Maynard Jackson
  212. Who were the first African American students be admitted to UGA? Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes
  213. What governor appointed more African Americans to state boards than all prior governors combined? Lester Maddox
  214. Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is associated with what event? March on Washington
  215. Who was the first African American since Reconstruction to be elected to the House of Representatives from Georgia? Andrew Young
  216. Who was appointed as UN ambassador from the US? Andrew Young
  218. What method of transportation moves the largest amount of freight in Georgia? trucks
  219. Where is the largest single container facility on the East Coast located? Savannah
  220. The loss of American manufacturing jobs causes a ______in transportation jobs. decline
  221. HISTORY
  222. From what area did most of the members of Ga.’s House of Representatives come after the end of the county unit system? urban areas
  223. What president helped bring about the Camp David Peace Accords? Jimmy Carter
  224. What new cabinet position was created under President Carter? Department of Education
  225. Where was President Carter born? Plains
  226. What political positions were held by Jimmy Carter during his career? Member of Plains school board, Ga. state senate, Ga. state governor, President
  227. The _______hostage crisis began during the Carter administration. Iranian
  228. Who was the first Republican governor in Georgia in 130 years? Sonny Perdue
  229. For most of the last 100 years, Georgia was dominated by how many political parties? One political party--Democratic
  230. The Stone Mountain tennis facility and the Georgia Horse Park were built especially for what event? 1996 Summer Olympics
  231. What word is an antonym for entrepreneur? employee
  232. What entrepreneur is associated with Coca-Cola? John S. Pemberton
  233. Perhaps the greatest risk taken by the makers of Coca-Cola in an effort to increase their profit was to change the soft drink’s ___. advertising
  234. Who was responsible for making Coca-Cola a nationally recognizable brand? Asa Candler
  235. Name 3 international businesses that had their beginnings in Ga. Coca-Cola Home Depot Delta Air Lines
  236. Who is the author of Gone With The Wind? Margaret Mitchell
  237. Who was the Georgian who was the founder of the American Girl Scouts? Juliette Gordon Low
  239. How many articles are in Georgia’s state constitution? 11
  240. Which branch of Georgia’s government is the largest? executive
  241. To whom does the Georgia constitution give the right to control the government? voters
  242. According to the system of checks and balances, the _____branch does not have the power to appoint state judges. judicial
  243. Name the 3 branches of government. legislative, executive, judicial
  244. What term refers to the designation of certain powers to each of the 3 branches of government? separation of powers
  245. According to the system of checks and balances, the executive branch checks the legislative branch through the use of the ______. veto
  246. What keeps one branch of government from becoming too powerful? separation of powers
  247. What are the requirements to serve in the Georgia Senate? 25 years old a citizen of Ga. for at least 2 years a resident of the district from which he is elected for at least one year
  248. Does the Georgia General Assembly consider laws dealing with treaties? No—that is a federal issue
  249. How long is the regular session of the Georgia General Assembly? 40 days
  250. What are the requirements to serve in the Georgia House of Representatives? 21 years old a citizen of GA for at least one year a resident of the district from which elected for one year
  251. What type of legislation must begin in the House of Representatives? appropriation bills
  252. How long is the term of a member of the Georgia General Assembly? 2 years
  253. To confirm all the executive appointments is the unique power of the ______. senate
  254. The ____________has law-making power over all areas not specifically assigned to the United States Constitution. Georgia General Assembly
  255. How many legislators serve in Georgia House of Representatives? 180
  256. How many people serve in the Georgia State Senate? 56
  257. A _______committee is a permanent legislative committee. standing
  258. To review bills before they come to the floor for discussion is the main purpose of a legislative ________________. committee
  259. Who presides over the Georgia state senate? Lieutenant Governor
  260. Who presides over the Georgia House of Representatives? Speaker of the House
  261. When the house and the senate version of a bill differ after being passed by their respective bodies, the bill is referred to a ________committee. conference
  262. What happens to a bill passed by the legislature if the governor does not veto it, but does not sign it? becomes a law
  263. What vote is required in the house of representatives in order for a bill to pass? A majority
  264. If the governor vetoes a bill, the legislature can override the veto by a _____________of both houses. 2/3 vote of both houses
  265. What is the maximum number of consecutive years that a Georgia governor may serve as the state’s chief executive officer? 8
  266. Who becomes Georgia’s governor in the event both the governor and the lieutenant governor are unable to serve? Speaker of the House
  267. What types of powers are given to Georgia’s governor by the state constitution? legislative, executive, judicial
  268. What qualifications are required to be elected governor? 30 years old a citizen of the US for 15 years a resident of Georgia for 6 years
  269. How many consecutive years can a lieutenant governor serve in that capacity according to Georgia’s constitution? undefined number of years
  270. The chief legal officer of the state is the ______. Attorney General
  271. What office maintains the state’s official records and supervises elections? Secretary of State
  272. The lieutenant governor most effectively affects the passage of failure of legislation in the state senate by _______. assigning Senate bills to committee
  273. The power to pardon criminals is a ______power of the governor. judicial
  274. What courts are found in each county in Georgia? municipal courts magistrate courts probate courts juvenile courts
  275. Whether or not a person accused of a crime should be charged and stand trial for that crime is decide by whom? Grand Jury
  276. How long is the term of a member of the Georgia State Supreme Court? 6 years
  277. How many justices serve on the Georgia State Supreme Court? 7
  278. What types of cases are automatically reviewed by the state supreme court? death penalty cases
  279. Name the 2 types of court cases. criminal and civil
  280. What are the most serious criminal crimes called? felonies
  281. Who has the burden of proof in a criminal case? state
  282. Who has the burden of proof in a civil case? plaintiff
  283. What are the less serious criminal crimes called? misdemeanors
  284. A juvenile in Georgia is one who is under the age of _____. 17
  285. How are juvenile judges selected? Appointed by superior court judges
  286. Juveniles in Georgia are not guaranteed the right to _______when being detained. bail
  287. Working at a kitchen in a homeless shelter is an example of ________ _________ that could by assigned by a juvenile judge. community service
  288. Who determines if a juvenile who is taken into custody should be detained or released to his or her parents? Intake officer
  289. What is an act that would be considered a crime if committed by an adult? delinquent act
  290. What refers to an act that would not be considered a crime if committed by an adult? status offense
  291. A juvenile is not arrested , but is rather _____ ______ _____. Taken into custody
  292. How many counties does Georgia have today? 159
  293. What is a example of a consolidated city-county government? Athens-Clarke Augusta-Richmond
  294. Which term describes a city with its own government? municipality
  295. What is the name of Ga.’s oldest city? Savannah
  296. Name 3 forms of city government? mayor-council council-manager commission
  297. What is the most common type of city government in Georgia? mayor-council
  298. A county board of education or a port authority are examples of a _________________district form of government. Special district government
  299. What are the dominant political parties in Georgia today? Republican and Democratic
  300. What were the 2 earliest political parties? Federalists and Anti-Federalists
  301. What is the process by which a person from another country can become an American citizen? naturalization
  302. What financial responsibility does a citizen have toward the government? to pay taxes
  303. How old must a person be to vote in Georgia today? 18
  304. Who is the chief election officer in Georgia? Secretary of State
  306. What is the name given to Georgia’s budgetary spending year? fiscal
  307. From where does the largest source of Georgia’s income come? state income tax
  308. For what is the largest expenditure of state funds? education
  309. What is the largest source of revenue for county governments? property taxes
  310. When is the best time to borrow money? when interest is low
  311. What type of bank accounts provides the most flexibility? checking