battle of flanders n.
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Battle of Flanders

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Battle of Flanders. By Artish Patel. Battle of Passchendaele. October-November 1917 German Empire vs. UK and France. Battle of Passchendaele. Second Battle of Flanders. Germans lost 650,000 Casualties. Battle of the Lys. April 1918

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battle of flanders

Battle of Flanders

By Artish Patel

battle of passchendaele
Battle of Passchendaele



German Empire vs. UK and France

battle of passchendaele1
Battle of Passchendaele

Second Battle of Flanders

Germans lost

650,000 Casualties

battle of the lys
Battle of the Lys



German Empire vs. British Empire, Portugal, and France

battle of the lys1
Battle of the Lys

Third Battle of Flanders

240,000 Casualties

Germans lost


Still Much to DoNancy L. Meek

Now past the point of no turning backSoldiers salute the command to attackcommitted to do what needs to be doneto eradicate the enemy beneath our sunknowing their actions will provoke disdainpointed fingers in the wake of the pain.Still they forge onward toward the goalas obedient servants, heart and soulhoping for the day all war will ceaseso they may retire in permanent peacebut not today, for there's still much to dodespite the objections of a chosen fewwho live in a dream world all their ownpraying in their closets as wars rage on.

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