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St. Kitt

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St. Kitt

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  1. HoFish Sunday 2012 • RULES: • You have 30 min to unload/load • and then you must park your vehicle in • designated parking area. No cars/vans/trucks • may be left on or in the premium tent site area. • Everything you unload must fit on your site. • You may keep your food trailer on your site but it must fit ENTIRELY ON YOUR SITE. • Please do not touch any of the property that belongs to the people who are seasonal residents. Stay off the docks and the porches please. Thank you in advance. • Please NOTE, things are NOT to exact Scale. • Also, I will not argue with any parents. Failure to comply means NOT getting a Team Tent next year!! No cars by the water or in Tent Area. Period! Trailers Tree Tree Dumpster Private trailer EMS Dumpster Private trailer Car-Top Area Private trailer Tree Tree Dumpster Dumpster Private trailer Private trailer St.Peters Prep Private trailer Private trailer St. Kitt Private trailer Private trailer Private trailer Private trailer Syracuse Chargers Syosset Hudson RRA Swan Creek Tree Canisius Tree Tree Tree Pelham CRA St. Benedicts Riverfront Recapture Private trailer St.John the Baptists McQuaid(1) McQuaid(2) Tree Private trailer Chaminade Fordham Prep Glastonbury HS Holy Angels Spectators Derryfield Glastonbury HS Cape Cod RA Niskayuna HS Bromfield AB Lenox Memorial Central Crew Brockville RC Brewster Acad. SouthEast Conn. Shaker HS St. Joe’s Colleg. SGS Lowell HS CRI(1) The Gunnery St.Mary’s Bayview Bare Hill RA Saugatuck RC Greater Lawrence Cape Cod Long Island RA New Canaan Arlington HS CRI(2) McGann Mercy Albany RA Concord Crew Lake front