Mobile ipv6 advanced socket api extensions
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Mobile IPv6 Advanced Socket API Extensions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mobile IPv6 Advanced Socket API Extensions. draft-chakrabarti-mobileip-mipext-advapi-01.txt What is MIPv6 Socket API ?. This document is an extension to the IPv6 Advanced Socket API (RFC 3542)

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Mobile ipv6 advanced socket api extensions

Mobile IPv6 Advanced Socket API Extensions



What is mipv6 socket api
What is MIPv6 Socket API ?

  • This document is an extension to the IPv6 Advanced Socket API (RFC 3542)

  • Contains data structures, definitions and access methods for Mobile IPv6 extensions to IPv6 Protocol header

    Mobility Header, Home Address Destination Option and Routing Header Type 2

  • This API is useful for uniform socket interfaces across Mobile IPv6 implementations

  • Mobile IPv6 specific debugging, tracing , policy and system level applications can take advantage of this API


Update process
Update Process

  • After San Fransisco IETF, alias was formed to discuss the issues in the draft

  • contains participants from Connectathon-2003 and other individuals who expressed interest to join the MIPv6 API discussion

  • Draft v1 submitted before June30th. Darft V2 will be submitted after this IETF.


Updated resolved issues
Updated/Resolved Issues

  • New protocol name for the API

    Resolved : IPPROTO_MH as protocol number and ipv6-mh in /etc/protocols

  • A new header file for mobility header related definitions and structures <netinet/ip6mh.h>

  • What prefix to use for data structures and definitions ?

    For mobility headers: struct ip6_mh for fixed mobility header

    ip6mh* for prefix of fields in the data structure

  • Draft incorporates HA ICMPv6 related definitions and structures (consistent with rfc3542)

    DHAAD, MPA, MPS and ND changes are incorporated in <netinet/icmp6.h>

  • Type 2 Routing Header and home address destination option structures are in < netinet/ip6.h>


Current updates
Current Updates

  • Should the apps be allowed to set Mobile IPv6 headers ?

    User level ability to add Routing Header Type 2 and/or home address option or mobility headers to IPv6 headers.

    The API may not disallow this ability; it is up to the implementation to allow this feature. No resolution here – is this assumption OK?

  • Additional updates

    Added data structures for Mobility Options

    Macros have prefix IP6MH in <netinet/ip6mh.h>

    Defined BU and BA flags


Suggested changes for the next revision
Suggested changes for the next revision

  • Use ip6_mh_* for the structure definitions and ip6mh_* for the respective fields


    struct ip6_mh_home_test_init {

    struct ip6_mh ip6mhti_hdr;

    uint16_t ip6mhti_resvd;

    uint32_t ip6mhti_cookie[2]; /* 64 bit Cookie by MN */

    /* Followed by optional Mobility Options */


  • Should the macros/definitions in icmp6.h for ND and ICMP related changes contain MIP6/mip6 or MIP/mip prefix ?


    mip_dhreq_hdr.icmp6_type vs mip6_dhreq_hdr.icmp6_type



Suggested changes for the next revision1
Suggested changes for the next revision

  • Should we restrict other options setting when home-address option is set by the application ?

  • Should Checksumming be default for Mobility Header RAW socket applications ?


    RFC3542 RAW Socket behavior specifies that RAW sockets other than ICMPv6 must set IPV6_CHECKSUM for kernel to do the checksum operation– this may lead to backward compatibility issue

    Other minor issues would be resolved over the mailing list


Next step
Next Step

  • Should this draft be a starting point of a working group informational draft as an extension to IPv6 Advanced Socket API?