Introduction to human geography
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Introduction to Human Geography. Maps. Key Question:. Why do Geographers use Maps, and What do Maps Tell Us? . Map Appendix A Notes. Maps and their functions Map Scale Map Projections The Grid system Symbols on Maps. What are Maps and what are their functions. What can maps be used for?

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Why do geographers use maps and what do maps tell us

Key Question:

Why do Geographers use Maps, and What do Maps Tell Us?

Map appendix a notes
Map Appendix A Notes

  • Maps and their functions

  • Map Scale

  • Map Projections

  • The Grid system

  • Symbols on Maps

What are maps and what are their functions
What are Maps and what are their functions

  • What can maps be used for?

  • In what ways do maps distort?...Why?

  • How do maps show bias?

Two types of maps

Reference Maps

Show locations of places and geographic features

Absolute locations

What are reference maps used for?

Thematic Maps

Tell a story about the degree of an attribute, the pattern of its distribution, or its movement.

Relative locations

What are thematic maps used for?

Two Types of Maps:

Introduction to human geography



What story about the population of Korea in 1973 is this map telling?

Maps and their functions
Maps and their functions

  • Cartography = The art of map making

  • Reference Map = that used for navigating… ie. Road Map

  • Thematic Map: One used to illustrate a particular them

  • Mental Maps: Those that exist in one’s mind (Cognitive maps)

  • Topographic Maps… use lines to show contour.

Map scale
Map Scale

  • Is the ratio between actual distance on the ground and the length given on the map

    • Which scale would show a smaller portion of the earth, 1/1,000,000… or 1/1,000,000?

  • Larger scale = more zoomed in

  • Why are different scales needed in mapping the world?

The grid system
The Grid System

  • What function does the Grid System Serve?

  • What are the key aspects of the Grid system?

Grid stuff to know
Grid stuff to know…

  • Parallel

  • Latitude

  • Equator (0º N. or S.)

  • Tropic of Cancer (N)

  • Tropic of Capricorn (S)… 23.5º

  • Arctic Circle

  • 0º - 90º N or S

  • Meridian

  • Longitude

  • Prime Meridian 0º E or W

  • International date line 180º E or W

Map projections
Map Projections

  • Why are there different map projections?

  • Which ones do I need to know?

    • Azimuthal

    • Peters

    • Fuller / Dymaxion

    • Robinson

    • Mercator

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses?

  • For what are they most commonly used?

Map symbols
Map Symbols

  • Dots

  • Tones/shades/colors

  • Isolines

  • Symbols

Introduction to human geography

Mental Maps:

maps we carry in our minds of places we have been and places we have heard of.

can see: terra incognita, landmarks, paths,

and accessibility

Activity Spaces:

the places we travel to routinely in our rounds of daily activity.

How are activity spaces and mental maps related?

Aspects of a mental map
Aspects of a Mental Map

  • Nodes

  • Edges

  • Paths

  • Districts

  • Landmarks

Discussion questions
Discussion Questions

  • List as many type of maps and purposes for maps as you can.