27 th qtly review meeting of finance controllers n.
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“ 27 th Qtly Review meeting of Finance Controllers ” PowerPoint Presentation
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“ 27 th Qtly Review meeting of Finance Controllers ”

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“ 27 th Qtly Review meeting of Finance Controllers ” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PRESENTATION on PROPER STAFFING in Accounts. “ 27 th Qtly Review meeting of Finance Controllers ”. Date : 28 th ,29 th & 30 th Oct , 2010. Every School Beautiful Every Child In School Every Child Learning. Map of Assam. KEY SOCIO-ECONOMIC INDICATORS.

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“ 27 th Qtly Review meeting of Finance Controllers ”

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    1. PRESENTATIONonPROPER STAFFING in Accounts “27thQtly Review meeting of Finance Controllers” Date : 28th,29th & 30th Oct , 2010 Every School Beautiful Every Child In School Every Child Learning

    2. Map of Assam




    6. STAFFING PATTERN IN ACCOUNTS OF SSA,ASSAM Mission Director Chief Accounts officer State Mission Office District Mission Offices Sr. A.O. F & A.O. A.O. A.O. A.O. Jr. A.O.-(1) Accountant -(4 nos.) Acctt-(DMO-1) Cashier-(DMO-1) LDA Cum Acctt. BMO-1 Acct. Asst.-(4) Cashier-(1)

    7. Present Staff position in SSA, Assam

    8. Job Responsibilities of Finance & Accounts staff of SMO Chief Accounts Officer • Over all control of Finance & Accounts matters of SSA. • To assist Mission Director in discharge of his/her financial responsibilities as well as timely & proper utilization of SSA funds as per SR & FR of SSA, Assam & MHRD norms & guidelines (FMP Manual). • Cheque drawal power up to a limit of Rs.50.00Lacs jointly by MD & CAO and beyond this, by the Chairman EC & MD. Sr. Accounts Officer • To assist CAO in discharge of his responsibilities. • Deals with financial matters & files up to Rs.2.00 Lacs independently & strict adherence to the provision of SR&FR of SSA Assam, Procurement guidelines and FMP manual of MHRD. • Deals with the matters related to State share as well as MHRD correspondence. • Look after the matters of adjustment of advances.

    9. Accounts Officer • Budget control. • Allocation of fund and timely release of fund to the districts. • To assist planning cell in preparation of budget. • Impart/conduct accounts training to the SMCs, Accountants of DMOs and BMOs. • Compilation of monthly and quarterly report for onward submission to MHRD. • Supervision and monitoring of accounts of DMOs, BMOs etc. • Preparation of replies/ action taken notes on outstanding audit paras. Accountant • Checking of all payment bills and strict compliance of SR&FR of SSA, Assam and FMP Manual of MHRD. • Preparation of personal claim like pay bill, TA bill etc. • Preparation of vouchers/ Journals, posting of General Ledger and other ancillary ledger accounts. • Strict compliance of all Statutory deductions i.e. Income Tax, VAT, Service Tax etc. and timely deposition of the same. Cashier • Preparation of cheques after approval of MD & maintenance of cheque issue register. • Handling of Cash and Bank matters. • Maintenance of day to day cash book. • Preparation of BRS. • Physical verification of cash in the last day of the month.

    10. IMPACT of Proper Staffing (Accounts) • Timely execution of allotted works • Transparency. • Efficient management of fund. • Timely Reporting. • Vigorous monitoring. • Regular feedback analysis at SPO & DPO level. • Updating of accounting data on TALLY 9

    11. Financial Reporting Framework • DMO Level SMO level : Monthly Receipt & Payment Accounts Monthly Monitoring (Activity) Report Annexure IX and XII (Quarterly) GOI 18 points (Monthly) Report Bank Reconciliation Statement Statement of Month wise advance positions Monthly Performance Indicator of FAO of DMO • Block Level DMO Level: Monthly Receipt & Payment Accounts Bank Reconciliation Statement Month wise Advance details Activity wise expenditure details.

    12. Financial Monitoring Techniques Monitoring Techniques and reporting framework will cover the various forms under which block offices will report to district offices and district offices will report to Head Office (SMO). Moreover, • One Sr. AO / AO is entrusted with the supervision of accounts of 5-6 districts. • Monthly in house review meeting of State level Accounts Officers • Monthly review meeting of FAOs at State level. • Monthly review cum sharing meeting of Block Accountants at District level. • Monthly visit to DMO, BMO, SMCs by SMO officials. • Monthly visit to BMO, KGBV,RBC & SMCs, by District Accounts personnel .(Min. 10 days) • Monthly visit to SMCs by Block Accountants. (Min. 10 days) • Every month Block Accountants have to help update accounts of minimum 10 SMCs which received more than Rs.1.00 lakh grants per year in last 3 years. List of such schools is to be submitted to the DMO.

    13. Thanks