super duper problem solution conclusions n.
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Super-Duper Problem-Solution Conclusions

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Super-Duper Problem-Solution Conclusions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Super-Duper Problem-Solution Conclusions. The Dessert of Delicious Writing. Good Conclusions Include:. Restated thesis with summary of problem and solution(s ) using clear language from the prompt A new anecdote Call to action. Restated Thesis with Summary .

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super duper problem solution conclusions

Super-Duper Problem-Solution Conclusions

The Dessert of Delicious Writing

good conclusions include
Good Conclusions Include:
  • Restated thesis with summary of problem and solution(s) using clear language from the prompt
  • A new anecdote
  • Call to action
restated thesis with summary
Restated Thesis with Summary

Good conclusions always restate the problem and then summarize all of the fabulous solutions you provided during the essay meal!

Remember, you already wrote this sentence once: revise what you already did in the introduction to save time.


Remember how people love stories? Tell them another one in the conclusion—story time rocks!

call to action
Call to Action

Good conclusions always end by asking for readers to take action—to remember your advice or create a solution of their own just in case. Tell your audience to get off their couches and DO something!