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Social Media Marketing Success Strategy 6 Part Process PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Media Marketing Success Strategy 6 Part Process

Social Media Marketing Success Strategy 6 Part Process

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Social Media Marketing Success Strategy 6 Part Process

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  1. Social Media Marketing Success Strategy6 Part Process By:Lauren McMullen - Your Social Media Marketing VA

  2. Social Media is any online platform where people connect with each other and have conversations. Social Media Marketing is when you leverage those connections to promote sales of your products or services with your ultimate goal being to find long term clients.

  3. The Benefits of Using Social Media to Market Your Products & Services • More Visibility • Establish Your Credibility • To Develop Relationships • Which Ultimately Leads to Sales of Your Products or Services & Long Term Clients

  4. The Social Media Marketing Process 6 Clearly Defined Steps • Step 1 Connection • Step 2 Conversation • Step 3 Conversion • Step 4 Consumer • Step 5 Commerce • Step 6 CLIENT

  5. Step 1 Connection: To make a connection with people in your target market you need to stand out and get noticed. You do this by posting useful, relevent and valuable content on the social networks. 

  6. Step 2 Conversation Conversation is the defining element of Social Media so it is important to engage with people whenever possible by commenting on their blogs,  writing on their walls on Facebook or by replying to Tweets etc.

  7. Step 3 Conversion: Conversion is when people actually start to engage mentally with what you have to say. They begin to seek out your updates. They might read your blog posts and sign up for your RSS feed. They follow you on Twitter and visit your FaceBook fan page and comment. The important fact is you now have their attention!

  8. Step 4 Consumer: This is when people begin to consume your free content. People sign up for the freebie or ethical bribe on your blog. They attend your free teleseminars or webinars. They read your articles and watch your You Tube videos.

  9. Step 5 Commerce:People now know, like & trust you!They committ to the first real buyer/seller transaction. It is important to make the process as simple and seamless as possible so your clients will feel comfortable doing business with you in the future.

  10. Step 6 Client This is the final and best stage! Your followers now have a history of excellence with you. They know, like and trust you based on the products or services they have purchased in the past. If they see another product of yours they like, it will be a much easier decision for them to buy from you.  Take care of your clients!

  11. The Social Media Networks   the most important ones in 2010 • Your Blog • Facebook Profile & Fanpage • Twitter • You Tube • LinkedIn • EzineArticles

  12. For More Information Contact:Lauren McMullenTime Finder 4 You - Your Social Media Marketing VA931- 629-8712