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Kamil Arif

Kamil Arif. Kamil Arif “Enabling Cholesterol Catabolism in Human Cells” Directed by Dr. Richard Honkanen. Steven Arnold. Steven E. Arnold “Stereoselective Synthesis of Trimedlure Active Isomer, (1S, 2S, 4R) tert-butyl 4-chloro-2-methylcyclohexane-1-carboxylate” Directed by Dr. David Battiste.

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Kamil Arif

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  1. Kamil Arif

  2. Kamil Arif“Enabling Cholesterol Catabolism in Human Cells”Directed by Dr. Richard Honkanen

  3. Steven Arnold

  4. Steven E. Arnold“Stereoselective Synthesis of Trimedlure Active Isomer, (1S, 2S, 4R) tert-butyl 4-chloro-2-methylcyclohexane-1-carboxylate” Directed by Dr.David Battiste

  5. Hannah Bruner

  6. Hannah Bruner"Shadows of the Damned: Determinism and Temporality in Faulkner's Fiction"Directed by Dr. Robert Coleman

  7. Christopher Buchanan

  8. Christopher Buchanan“Measurement of B Meson Properties at the BABAR Experiment”Directed by Dr. Romulus Godang

  9. Micah-Shea Crenshaw

  10. Micah-Shea Crenshaw“Knowing the Code: An Analysis of Three Female German Expressionists” Directed by Dr. Elizabeth Richards

  11. Sarah Dolbear

  12. Sarah Dolbear"Proteomic Analysis of Cervicovaginal Fluid for Biomarkers Indicative of Preeclampsia and Preterm Birth"Directed by Dr. Lewis Pannell

  13. Jessica Eaton

  14. Jessica Eaton“Investigating Teachers' Perceptions of Creativity” Directed by Dr. Rebecca Giles

  15. Connor Favreau

  16. Connor Favreau“A Christian Existentialist Approach to Euthyphro's Dilemma” Directed by Dr. T. Allan Hillman

  17. Lauren Gessner“More Than Just a Pretty Face? An Analysis of Adolescents' Perceptions of Beauty Pageants”Directed by Dr. Corina Schulze

  18. Omar Hashmi

  19. Omar Hashmi“Solvent Strength Linearity and Pure-Water Retention Estimation Using “Bio-Inspired” Reverse-Phase Stationary Phases”Directed by Dr. Jason W. Coym

  20. Megan Heatherly

  21. Megan Heatherly““Illegal” bodies: Immigrants in Contemporary Spanish Cinema”Directed by Dr. Zoya Khan

  22. Eunice Jacob

  23. Eunice Jacob“The Role Of The EAL-Like Protein STM1344 And The Digualyate Cyclase STM1987 In The Starvation-Stress Response Of Salmonella enterica Serovar Typhimurium”Directed by Dr. Michael P. Spector

  24. Trisha Koger

  25. Trisha Koger“Paper Forest”Directed by Daniel Wildberger

  26. Jessica Nix

  27. Jessica Nix“Bicarbonate stimulation of soluble adenylyl cyclase 10 disrupts the pulmonary endothelial barrier through microtubule associating protein tau”Directed by Dr. Sarah Sayner

  28. Nicole Novotny

  29. Nicole Novotny“Separation and Simplification of a Complex Humic Mixture”Directed by Dr. Alexandra Stenson

  30. Jordan Spidle

  31. Jordan Spidle“Clinical Significance of Chromosomal Microduplications and Microdeletions Among Children with Developmental Disabilities”Directed by Dr. Hanes Swingle

  32. Landon Sykora

  33. Landon Sykora“Characterization of the Mechanism of NuclearLocalization of the MRJ(S) Protein”Directed by Dr. Rajeev Samant

  34. Jake Walker

  35. Jake Walker“An Evaluation of Honor’s Electrical and Computer Engineering - Featuring the Senior Design Project: Data Acquisition Robot Design Using LabVIEW”Directed by Dr. Tom Thomas

  36. Katherine Weller“Roles of the stm2503-Encoded Cyclic Diguanylate Phosphodiesterase and stm1987-Encoded Putative Diguanylate Cyclase in the Starvation-Stress Response of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium”Directed by Dr. Michael P. Spector

  37. AcknowledgmentThe University of South Alabama extends its appreciation to the University of South Alabama Foundation for a grant providing scholarships for Frederick P. Whiddon Scholars in partial support of the USA Honors Program.

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