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Nazareth Academy Grade School

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Nazareth Academy Grade School. 1 st Grade Back to School Night Mrs. Angelique Hatzinikolaou. School Supplies. A supply list, that came home with your summer reading lists, is included in this packet, and is posted on the 1 st Grade page of the Nazareth Academy Grade School website.

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nazareth academy grade school

Nazareth Academy Grade School

1st Grade Back to School Night

Mrs. Angelique


school supplies
School Supplies
  • A supply list, that came home with your summer reading lists, is included in this packet, and is posted on the 1st Grade page of the Nazareth Academy Grade School website.
  • All supplies should be in school by Monday September 8th or sooner.
  • If you have problems obtaining an item let me know.
  • Only send items requested from list. PLEASE do not send in Hard Shell Pencil Cases or MEGA Packs of Crayons they DO NOT fit in the desks.
  • We use #2 wood pencils. Mechanical or Novelty Pencils are not acceptable. They cause distraction and inattention during class.
  • Pencils shall be sharpened AT HOME each night. Personal sharpeners are NOT permitted in class for safety & cleanliness reasons.
  • Please refrain from sending in “grips” for pencils unless your child really needs them. Most of the time they end up playing with them or cluttering the floor.
name tags
Name Tags
  • Every child should wear a name tag the first two weeks.
  • Name tags should state the method your child is taking home that day. (Ex: Bus #4262 or Car Rider or Kids Club Aftercare)
  • If your child is a Bus Rider also write the drop off intersection the first few weeks.
  • Sticky tags tend to come off quickly in school. Use cardboard or laminate them. Office supply stores also sell the plastic ones with the safety pins.
  • Please see the back of Calendar/Handbook for full Uniform standards.
  • No SILLY BANDS or other novelty jewelry. Simple religious medals or a small crucifix are appropriate.
  • No theme earrings for girls.
  • No colored nail polish.
  • Please avoid watches at this point in the year.
  • Boys shirts MUST be tucked in at all times
  • Boys should have a black belt with both summer and winter uniform.
uniforms cont
Uniforms (Cont.)
    • Jackets
    • Lunchboxes
    • Placemats
    • All clothing items, including sweaters, shoes, girls jumpers, and stockings.
      • Children in the dance program or other activities misplace clothing all the time.
    • Many parents have been labeling their child’s pencils & crayons with “sharpies” since they seem to end up on the floor more often than not.
car line
Car Line
  • Morning
    • Enter school lot. Follow the curb as far up to the door as possible. You may only let children out on the curbside. Please do not exit car. Children may not wait outside; they must go right into the MPR (Multi- purpose room) and sit with their class.
    • Do not pull out of the car line if car before you does not move. We are concerned for all the children’s safety.
    • LEFT TURNS are not permitted out of our parking lot during arrival and dismissal. Please respect that.
car line cont
Car Line (cont.)
  • The Car Line begins AFTER the busses. Please do not cut into the line before or between busses.
  • EVERY CAR MUST HAVE a car sign posted in their front windshield, passenger side. Car signs should be 8x11 or larger and written in BLACK THICK PEN. First and last name plus 1st Grade.
  • Line up along the curb, pull up ALL THE WAY
  • Cars will be loaded the entire length of the curb
  • Children will be sent to their cars
  • Do not exit your car. Teachers are present to help with doors, but children must buckle on their own.
  • If your child can’t buckle yet please come at the end of the car line (about 2:55 pm) so you can show them.
  • Please follow all staff directives
bus riders
Bus Riders
  • Bus riders must follow all driver directives.
  • Failing to follow safety rules of bus can result in suspension of bus privileges
  • Know your child’s bus route number and driver name
change of routine
Change of Routine
  • If you are changing your child’s dismissal routine for the day please send a written note to my attention. DO NOT email this information last minute, as I may not see it in time. If the change happens last minute, please call school.
  • If a new person is picking up your child, we should be informed as well.
  • School begins at 7:50am and dismisses at 2:40pm
  • Student will be marked late if they arrive after Morning Prayers have begun at 7:50am. This lateness is noted on their permanent records so please be mindful when leaving the house.
  • Students that arrive at school late at NOON due to appointments are marked a half day absent. Subsequently students who leave at Noon or before are also marked a half day absent.
  • If your child will be absent that day please call the school by 8:30am. An absentee note (3x5 card) must come into school the day your child returns to class. I will also accept an email with your child’s name, date & reason for absences
  • Absences of 3 days or more require a doctor’s note.
  • Absences due to vacations are marked as “unexcused”
bathroom personal responsibility
Bathroom/Personal Responsibility
  • Children are encouraged to use the bathroom before they leave home. They may also ask the morning moderators for permission to use the bathroom before Morning Prayers (7:50am)
  • Students should all try to use the bathroom at Recess (10:00am), Lunch (11:15am)
  • Students may also raise their hand to ask to go to bathroom at other times. Should bathroom visits become excessive, parents will be notified.
bathroom personal responsibility cont
Bathroom/Personal Responsibility (cont.)
  • Students should be able to zipper, button, buckle, and tie.
  • I am aware that in this age of Velcro and slip on shoes, shoe tying has become a chore. ALL FIRST GRADERS SHOULD BE ABLE TO TIE THEIR OWN LACES BY “I CAN TIE DAY” WHICH WILL BE HELD ON OCTOBER 30, 2014.
book bill
Book Bill
  • Book bill fees should be paid to NAGS by the first full week of school.
  • Copybooks/Journals/and Class Publications are part of this fee.
  • Each child will receive a Writers Journal that they will decorate.
  • Each child will receive (6) Green Copybooks. Write their names on the front.
  • After you label them, please cover with clear contact paper.
  • Please label all folders with your child’s name and class number I give on first day.
    • (red folder)
    • (green)
    • (blue)
    • (yellow)
    • (orange)
    • Boomerang (decorative folder)
folders cont
Folders (cont.)
  • The Boomerang folder will carry home all homework sheets, class work, and notes from the teacher. All notes that come back to me should be put in the folder and not in the schoolbag or copybook.
  • ALL envelopes and notes should have your child’s name on the outside, as well as whom the note is for.
  • Test folders will come home on “Test folder Tuesdays” unless otherwise stated by Mrs. H. All tests must be signed and returned to school the next day in the test folder. Please note, Spanish test & grading procedures will be explained by Senora Furman.
  • Other folders stay in school unless needed.
workbooks textbooks
  • Workbooks are to be labeled with names and covered with “clear” contact paper.
  • Textbooks are to be covered with “Book Sox” or brown bag covers, no adhesive covers please.
behavior management
Behavior Management
  • Behavior Tickets
    • Each student has colored behavior tickets assigned to them on a chart.
    • Every student begins with a “Green” ticket daily.
    • If a student does not follow a classroom or school rule they must change their ticket color.
    • The colors mean:
      • Green: Keep going, good work!
      • Yellow: Caution, change the behavior!
      • Red: STOP the behavior now!
      • Blue: Email home via the Behavior Log and/or other appropriate consequence.
  • Homework is given Monday through Thursday, though I may send home books for review or special projects on Fridays.
  • Students copy homework from the Smart board or Chalkboard
  • Homework is written in Multiple Places
    • The HW Green copybook
    • The Homework sheet you receive from Mrs. H.
    • Spanish homework is ONLY written in the HW Green copybook.
  • Missing homework will affect the student’s overall grade.
  • If a student does not have their homework for a VALID reason please send me a note. Please note: Sporting events & dance classes do not constitute a valid reason.
  • Homework is vital to school success.
  • Spelling, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Comprehension tests are usually given every Friday.
  • Math tests may be given any day after the chapter is complete.
    • Math quizzes are given “unannounced” and relate to material in the past weeks homework.
  • Handwriting is assessed by teacher review of copybooks, tests, and projects. Neatness and proper letter formation is vital to good grades in handwriting.
  • Religion & Social Studies are assessed by class participation and via take home projects.
tests cont
Tests (cont.)
  • All “specials classes” have their own testing schedules and directives. Please follow those teachers’ guidelines regarding those tests.
  • Number & letter grade translations are as follow:
    • 95 to 100 = Outstanding or “O”
    • 89 to 94 = Very Good or “VG”
    • 83 to 88 = Good or “G”
    • 77 to 82 = Satisfactory or “S”
    • 70 to 76 = Improvement Needed “I”
    • 69 and below = Unsatisfactory or “U”
tests cont1
Tests (cont.)
  • Any grade less than 60 is logged into my “Grade book” as a 60, (ex.) a grade of 52 is logged in as a 60). That way a child has the potential to recover from a low grade.
  • I do not give “re-tests”.
  • If your child is absent on a test day, they will take the test upon their return OR if the student already has 3 tests posted in that subject area in a trimester, the teacher MAY choose to bypass a particular test.
tests cont2
Tests (cont.)
  • Report card grades encompass:
    • Tests
    • Quizzes
    • Participation
    • Behavior
  • Students will receive (1) grade for ELA and (1) grade for Mathematics
    • Sub categories under ELA and Mathematics will provide:
      • (+) For students who meet or exceed expectations in an area
      • (x) For students who need to work towards meeting expectations.
specials schedule
Specials Schedule
  • Monday
    • Science Lab
    • Spanish Class (Must bring Spanish binder to class)
  • Tuesday
    • Library (Return Library books weekly)
    • Gym (Wear Gym uniform to school)
  • Wednesday
    • Art Class
    • Spanish Class (Must bring Spanish binder to class)
  • Thursday
    • Music Class
  • Friday
    • Technology Class
lunch snack time
Lunch/Snack Time
  • Lunch/Snacks
    • Recess is held from 10:00am-10:15am.
      • A snack and small drink should be sent in each day.
      • Pretzels will be sold at recess
      • All students should use bathroom & wash hands at this time.
lunch snack time1
Lunch/Snack Time
  • Lunch is held from 11:10am-11:55am.
    • Information about “Hot Lunches” and “Pizza Lunches” will be sent home in White Envelopes
    • Bag lunches should include a lunch, snack, and drink
      • No glass
      • No microwave meals
      • Limit amount of candy snacks
    • Ice Cream will sold AFTER lunch has been served
      • Please only send in a day’s worth or pretzel or ice-cream money. 1st Graders tend to want to spend all their money in one day.
      • Wallets should have NAMES on them.
    • All students must have a cloth placemat for recess and lunch
food allergies medications
Food Allergies/Medications
  • Please let Mrs. Hatzinikolaou, Mrs. Vaccarino (the lunch moderator), and school nurse regarding food allergies.
    • Epi-Pens, Inhalers, and other medication must be documented with nurse.
    • If the allergy is severe please let Mrs. H. know ASAP.
white envelopes
White Envelopes
  • White Envelopes
    • White Envelopes come home stuffed with important information each Thursday. Please empty and sign envelope and return no later than Tuesday Those families who have email will have the “GO GREEN” option of a Digital Envelope that will be emailed to you each Thursday afternoon. You may then print the PDF forms you need and return them to school.
    • Any form that needs to be returned to school may be sent back inside the White Envelope or in the “boomerang” folder.
religious obligation
Religious Obligation
  • Religious Obligations
    • As a Catholic School weekly attendance at Mass is strongly encouraged.
    • Each month students will attend “First Friday Liturgy”. Families are welcome to attend as well.
      • Look on school calendar for schedules
web links
Web Links
  • School Web Site
  • Teacher Ease
  • Think Central (Journeys Reading Program)
  • First in Math
  • Scholastic Book Orders
    • (activation code: LM3C9)
nazareth academy parent association nagspa
Nazareth Academy Parent Association (NAGSPA)
  • A full description of NAGSPA is located in your Calendar/Handbook and on the school website
  • NAGSPA updates, events, and fundraisers will come home in the White Envelope
  • Please check your calendar for NAGSPA meeting dates
  • Classroom ambassadors will help you with NAGSPA questions, school questions, and general 1st grade survival tips
    • Adrienne Roman (
      • Adrienne’s cell 215-882-0119
    • Michelle Scipione (