pathfinder mark vii 2000 edition 3 point o n.
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Pathfinder Mark VII 2000 Edition 3 point o™ PowerPoint Presentation
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Pathfinder Mark VII 2000 Edition 3 point o™

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Pathfinder Mark VII 2000 Edition 3 point o™ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pathfinder Mark VII 2000 Edition 3 point o™. Midterm Presentation. by PJ Barnes Travis Collavo Adam Norgaard. Cast of Characters. Cast of Characters Cont. Cast of Characters Pt. 3. Block Diagram. (see next slide). Input movement commands. Human/Computer Interface. I/O. Speaker.

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pathfinder mark vii 2000 edition 3 point o

Pathfinder Mark VII 2000Edition 3 point o™

Midterm Presentation


PJ Barnes

Travis Collavo

Adam Norgaard

block diagram
Block Diagram
  • (see next slide)

Input movement commands

Human/Computer Interface





Output pertinent data


Robot Car

Movement Hardware

Wheel turning servos


Micro controller

RoboBoard – 68HC11



Map of surroundings

Wheel Motors

Path finding algorithm

-interpret data from sensors/rangefinders/compass

-determine path to take

-determine how-far/direction to move

-update old map data with new data

-account for inaccuracies from range finder

-account for imprecise movements

-execute contingency plans(back away from wall)

-find shortest path (optional)


Range finder mount


Stepper Motor

Sonar range finder

Shaft encoder

Bumper sensor

Electronic Compass

Outside world

software details
Software Details
  • Programming in ICWIN
    • Interpreted at runtime
  • Programming in Assembly
    • Compiled with AS11_IC batch file
      • Assembly routines are converted to machine language
      • Assembly routine names are registered in the library (ICB) file for use in C
library files
Library Files
  • robo.lis
    • robolib.c
    • theme.c
    • main.c
    • analog.icb
    • roboir.lis
      • roboir.icb
      • roboir.c
library files cont
Library Files Cont.
  • ints.lis
    • ints.c
    • myint.icb
  • servo.lis
    • servo.c
    • servo.icb
  • cmotor.c
major results obtained
Major Results Obtained
  • Communicating with the RoboBoard via our own cables
  • Cool robot chassis with continual design enhancements
  • Autonomy (programmable hardware, battery power)
  • Movement (motors and wheels)
  • User-friendly interaction (keypad, switches, etc.)
major modifications to original plan
Major Modifications to Original Plan
  • Will not be able to rotate in place
  • Will weigh 15 pounds instead of 10 pounds
  • Ultrasonic range finder, not laser
  • Will only use 2 motors for the wheels, not 6
  • Will only use 1 servo, not 4
  • Reassignment of responsibilities
major problems encountered
Major Problems Encountered
  • We had to search out Windows-oriented Interactive C software
  • Interface cables were faulty, and this took a while to figure out (had to create our own interface cables)
  • Details on the RoboBoard’s registers are hard to ascertain (we have to figure out details by analyzing previously written code)
  • We are still waiting on our range finder and electronic compass