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Music and the Mark of the Beast

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Music and the Mark of the Beast - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Music and the Mark of the Beast. Hope comes in many flavors:. Program Categories by Weekly Airtime. Programming Grid/One Week. Culture / Humanitarian Documentary / Education Health / Lifestyle Children / Youth Music / Entertainment Inspiration.

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hope comes in many flavors
Hope comes in many flavors:
  • Program Categories by Weekly Airtime
programming grid one week
Programming Grid/One Week

Culture / Humanitarian Documentary / Education Health / Lifestyle Children / Youth Music / Entertainment Inspiration

programming grid original production
Programming Grid/Original Production

Programs aired exclusively on Hope Channel SDA programming aired on cable or other SDA TV networks Not SDA Produced Programming


“You are my witnesses”

Hope Channel – A window for the world to see the blessings God has given His people

Think Global, Live Local


How HC accepts new Programming

How would you schedule Hope Channel if YOU were the Programming Director?


24 x 2 x 365 = 17,520 programs per year per channel = 122,640 programs per year on the current network of seven channels

Please pray for us! Please help us with programming development!


Music is a vital part of spiritual life and Hope Channel programming.

“My Story, My Song” – newest music program


Factors contributing to the discussion:

  • Our success in evangelism – growth in the church
    • Greater diversity
    • Increased national leadership – more local culture
  • Greater communication – “global village”
  • Cultural differences – language and music expresses culture
  • Fear of Globalization leads to defense of local culture (security)
  • Local cultural changes – youth seek their own identity
  • Fear of syncretism and concern for identity – influence of other religions
  • Personal preferences interpreted as divine standards

“Our people love the sounds of drums, but they don’t like the sight of drums!”

Rhythm and drums is okay on a tape or CD, or in an orchestra, but don’t show a drum in church…!!!???


Diversity of Music around the Adventist World!

  • India
  • Cameroun
  • South America
  • Russia
  • Philippines
  • Diversity of western music – Classical, Gospel, Country, Western, Southern Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Contemporary, Praise and Worship, Rock etc….
  • Etc

Significant scriptural factors:

Revelation 12:19

Isaiah 8:20

Matthew 7:16-20

Our lifestyle choices should be evaluated on how does it influence us; where does it lead us spiritually?


What is the “Mark of the Beast” issue:

  • Its future – preparation is taking place now
  • It’s the culmination of the Great Controversy
  • Ezekiel 28:12-19
  • Isaiah 14:12-15 -

The heart of the M/B issue is:

  • Exaltation of human authority over divine authority.
  • Following “my way” rather than God’s way.
  • Independence rather than dependence
  • Naturally, we all want to be “little popes”.

What is the “seal of God”?

Ministry of the Holy Spirit:

  • John 14:16,17,26; 15:26; 16:7,8,13
    • To teach of Jesus; “comforter”, brings peace to our hearts; convict of sin, righteousness, a sense of accountability; teaches truth.
  • Romans 8:5-17 “led by the Spirit”

“Sealing the Law” means that God’s will is supreme in my life in every area of my life.

The Sabbath is God’s seal: Name, Title, Territory


Lessons from the “Holy Flesh” movement:

“I’m holy; my emotions are holy; I cannot sin; my so called ‘sanctified’ feelings are my supreme guide.”


Today – the world exalts “human authority”.

  • Existentialism
  • Hedonism
  • Eastern religions – mediation – “looking in”
  • Pentacostalism – Charismatic movement
  • Catholicism

God’s invitation:

  • “Give me your heart”
  • Stop thinking and acting like you are a little pope.
  • Surrender “all” to me
  • Give your entire loyalty to Me.