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  1. Trust RFID for superior management of vehicle tracking and student attendance Daphne Systems – Leading RFID Technology Solution Provider in India Visit at http://www.daphnesystems.com

  2. RFID Student Tracking System

  3. RFID Vehicle Tracking System Tracking is quite a sensitive and specialized job, as subjects range from lifeless articles to living beings. Given the tough nature of job at hand, we need a fool-proof and fail-proof technology to show the trust. Take a sigh of relief now, thanks to the emergence of RFID technology… Vehicles are always a great fun particularly when we drive them or get driven around in them the city or charming locales. What, however, is not so fun is tracking them or identifying them, especially when hundreds are parked at a specific place. Given the amazing growth rate of vehicles in India, parking places are hard pressed to track and manage them. Things, however, look bright now since the arrival of RFID vehicle tracking system. It’s surely a major breakthrough to leverage Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for specialized jobs like tracking and management of valuable objects. The technology eases the involved complexity in the vehicle management to bring a sense of security to owners and caretakers both. RFID vehicle tracking system is used extensively at places where a large number of vehicles move in and out of a specific building or premise.

  4. RFID Technology for Student Attendance The vehicles need a proper system of identification, something far more important than mere human intervention. Rather than relying on human intervention, the said technology brings a sophisticated and superior level of automation to the task to serve the purpose. Herein, vehicles are made to carry (for their duration in the premise) RFID tags for easy identification through readers. This is precisely what RFID vehicle tracking system does. Similarly, the same kind of arrangement is needed to deal with children and students to gauge their movement, track their whereabouts and find their exact locations, whether while being inside the premises or outside it. The role of RFID student attendance system grows manifold in cases where students go abroad to study leaving parents worried to the core. The device, or technology, gives a tantalizing prospect of real-time communication between parents and students to confirm the utility. The modus operandi of RFID student attendance system is quite simple: attaching of RFID tags with each student and decoding the message via Readers installed at choice of place, preferably at the premise gates. The best part is the ability of the system to give a cent percent tracking result, and identifying multiple students on simultaneous basis. In overall, RFID kick starts a new wave in technological invention and innovation!

  5. Thank You DAPHNE SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED, Tel: +91-11-43021682 Email: info@daphnesystems.com Website: http://www.daphnesystems.com