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RFID Library Management System, RFID Attendance System PowerPoint Presentation
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RFID Library Management System, RFID Attendance System

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RFID Library Management System, RFID Attendance System
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RFID Library Management System, RFID Attendance System

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  1. Let RFID technologies manage the library and office attendance Visit at http://www.daphnesystems.com/solutions/library-management-system/ Call us at +91-11-43021682

  2. RFID for Library Management Libraries and offices are such a unique place in a sense to put premium on the time. If the former can’t afford to lose books, then the latter has to let people not ‘lose’ time. Both the mentioned places are better off now than ever before due to RFID technologies… Libraries are a fun place to be for those who have great interest in reading variety of books. Readers find a sense of blissful joy in the solitude of an atmosphere where shelves of books dot the entire landscape, sans noise. Unlike readers in the past, librarians however had not that much fun due to the enormity involved in the task at hand. The scenario has changed a lot these days, thanks to the arrival of RFID library management system. Earlier, it was quite an arduous task to manage, maintain and keep a record of hundreds of thousands of books available. Most of the time, books were stolen, taken away, or simply not retuned, thus the librarians had to bear the wrath of the management. RFID library management system ensures that no books are lost to stealing or other act of theft. The emergence of this technology has benefited readers and staff in equal measure by virtually stopping any attempt to books being misplaced or stolen or whatever.

  3. RFID for Office Management Like managing books, the same technology gets used to help the management with office attendance. It’s now possible to maintain precise and reliable attendance solutions to let the offices revel in joy with the enhanced overall productivity of the staff. Installation of RFID attendance system in offices has worked like a magic wand with reported cases of employees showing more care towards work. Earlier, the absence of any tight attendance management system in offices means employees were found to spend more time ‘away’ from their workstation that they should normally do. With RFID attendance system in offices, none can take the time for granted. The technology necessitates the employees to attach RFID tag with a tiny chip to store data. The same data then is decoded with the help of conveniently placed Reader. Once the attendance is kept under vigil, which is sure to boost the level of productivity and bring in more revenues. And when the staff is dedicated to the work, the business in question can’t ask for more than saying a big thanks to RFID attendance system in offices.

  4. Thank You DAPHNE SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED Tel: +91-11-43021682 Email: info@daphnesystems.com Website: http://www.daphnesystems.com