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SPHERES Black, White, Green

SPHERES Black, White, Green. By Jacob Gonzalez. INTRO Clash is walking along the riverbed. He stopped and then came a little dragon-type animal, “Hello, Hydro,” greeted Clash. “ What are you looking at?” asked Hydro. “Nothing,” he said with a sigh. “I guess I just wonder

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SPHERES Black, White, Green

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  1. SPHERESBlack, White, Green By Jacob Gonzalez

  2. INTRO Clash is walking along the riverbed. He stopped and then came a little dragon-type animal, “Hello, Hydro,” greeted Clash. “ What are you looking at?” asked Hydro. “Nothing,” he said with a sigh. “I guess I just wonder what’s beyond these waters. You know I’ve never actually gone anywhere else than this island.” “If you could guess what’s out there , what would it be?” questioned Hydro. “I have no idea…” This is the story of Clash, a young boy, the age of 12, who will fight to save his family from Kracko, the leader of the Death Team. For this book, you’re going to have to use your imagination. Now, the legend begins!

  3. BLACK “Hydro, look! A boat!” announced Clash. “We have to tell everybody to get ready. It might be DT!” he said, running off. “Wait for me!” said Hydro. “Land ahoy!” said a pirate on a ship. “And they have cannons and weapons!” “Pull up the white flag. We surrender!” exclaimed the captain. “They pulled up a white flag, they surrender!” yelled some soldiers. “I see something glowing under the ship,” Clash whispered to himself. He jumped into the water and swam under the ship. No one even blinked; they were staring at the glow to see if Clash would

  4. come up from the water. The light got stronger and stronger. He came up from the water. Hydro left to carry him out of the water. • “ I found an orb or sphere, I guess, under the ship,” Clash told everybody then he took it out from his pocket.

  5. The next day Clash was looking in books to see if there was any information on the black sphere. He looked in a book called Legends of the Black White Green Spheres. The book showed a picture of him swimming under a ship. “You like my library? It’s very old you know, five hundred years old,” said a mysterious voice. “ What brings you here today?” “I’m looking for information on the sphere,” announced Clash. An old man stepped out; he was wearing shabby torn clothes, had white hair, and bulgy green eyes. “You can’t stay here,” the old man proclaimed.” “What is your name?” asked Clash

  6. “Dorin is my name. Boy, there is a man named Kracko and he will stop at nothing to collect that sphere. He knows where they are at all times.” “What do you mean THEY, and why does he need them?” asked Clash. “There are two more: white and green. He needs them because if he doesn’t get them, people that are not on death team will be able to destroy him,” Dorin explained “ More than a thousand years ago a key was made to destroy DT. When all spheres are put into the key you’re able to unlock the hall of fire that’s in the Diamond Tower. In the very back there is a saint, some think it’s Kracko. anyway you have to kill whatever is back there with the Coristan Sword, which I possess. Tomorrow

  7. The next day Clash started packing up for his journey. He left a note for his mom and dad: Mom & Dad, I’m going away to save our island from DT. I’ll probably be gone for about a year. Love you, Clash When he got on the boat with Dorin, he knew there was no turning back. “What island are we going to?” asked Clash. “First, we’re going to North Cornia, where the orbs were made,” answered Dorin. “Oh NO! I almost forgot!” blurted Clash. Clash made a loudwhistle, and then came Hydro. “Let’s go!” yelled Clash. we leave for about a year to Forest Dawn.”

  8. WHITE

  9. While the two friends were sailing across the ocean,Clash spotted a red ship, four-masted with a lion in the front. “Uhmmm…Dorin, if a ship is red and four-masted, whose ship would it be?” requested Clash. “South Cornia,” answered Dorin. “Why?” Clash pointed to the red ship. Dorin put the ship sails pointing the opposite way. “They’re chasing us!” screamed Clash. “I know,” answered Dorin calmly. “ Here we are, North Cornia .They hate South Cornia. They’ll destroy that ship,” declared Dorin with a smile on his face. They landed their boat on the shore and left to the city. “This place is very nice. Where were the spheres made?” asked Clash. Dorin explained that the spheres were made in the Volcano of Truth. When they were being made, they shot

  10. different places: the Pacific Ocean (that probably caught in a crab cage from a pirate ship), the Volcano of Truth, and the Diamond Tower. They got to the Volcano of Truth. That’s when they notice that they had a visitor… into “Hello friends,” said a lava monster named Ernick. But he noticed that the Corastin Sword was sticking out of Clash’s backpack. Clash took out his sword (the Corastin Sword wich is the strongest sword). “Wait, don’t hurt me. I’m against DT, too. Please! Please!” Ernick started crying. “Please! Please help me! Please, I’ll help you. I promise! Look, I’ll even give you my white sphere!” wept Ernick. “Okay, Okay! We won’t hurt you. But you need to help us and give us that sphere,” announced Clash. “Anything for you,” answered Ernick. Ernick gave them Thewhite sphere.

  11. GREEN

  12. While the four friends were walking down the volcano, thesky grew black, white and greenish. Then appeared a part of the army of DT. Everybody drew their swords and started fighting. Clashwas the most talented sword fighter. After fifteen minutes of total destruction, DT. retreated. “We’ve got to get to Forest Dawn!” exclaimed Ernick “What?” yelled Clash and Dorin? “Well, I know where the Diamond Tower, the green sphere, and the key are, and they’re at Forest Dawn,” Ernick explained “ first we have to sail across the ocean, land on Forest Dawn, walk to the Death Team wall, into the secret room, get the green sphere, come back out, go

  13. through the main passage into the creation area, get the key, go past the village, and finally into the Diamond Tower.” • “Then I guess we should get going…,” said Hydro. • “Oh, wait!” yelled Dorin. He made a strange whistle and then came a large dragon. They hopped on and they started to fly. When they arrived to forest dawn, they walked for twenty days until they finally got to the DT wall. They rested for a while. Clash looked at the moss-covered wall, and noticed a hand carving on the wall that looked just like his. He put his own hand on it and a hatch opened. “I found it” he yelled and ran inside the portal. He walked until he found a door that said:

  14. CLASH, WE HOPE YOU CAN FIND THE SPHERE THE KEY AND YOUR FRIENDS… He opened the door and there it was, the green sphere! He ran out wondering what the sign meant by: and your friends. When he got out of the cave he saw hydro on the floor in pain. “Hydro, are you ok!?” yelled Clash. He saw a cut on his body; he took out his sewing stuff and stitched it up. He found a whistle that Ernickhad on his neck .He picked it up and walked toHydro, “Where are they?” he asked. Hydro got up and told him, “They took them to the creation area, luckily that’s our next stop.”

  15. “Do ya know what this whistles does?” said Clash in a questioning voice “Who do you think I am, Mr. Wampamcolgananjenser? Blow it!” yelled Hydro. Clash blew it and down came Enrick’s army. Clash realized who they were. “Your leader; Ernick has been captured by Death Team,” Clash announced . “If you would like to save him and some guy named Dorin, then fight with me!” All the lava monsters broke into low pitched cheers. They all ran to the wall and it fell down like a stick. Clash drew his sword and they started marching towards the Creation Area, after sixteen days and nights. Finnally they arrived at the creation area.

  16. The doors opened and all the DT soldiers were pointing their weapons towards them. They were holding a chrome archer-like weapon. Behind them were the key and his friends. At that moment the lava monsters took out their very own weapons. Clash could even see smoke coming out of Hydro’s nose. The fight began. Lava and arrows shooting out of weapons, everything Hydro’s fire touched burning to a crisp, and everything Clash touched with or without a sword exploding. About three hours later, the fight was finished. Clash took the key to the Hall of fire and let his friends out. “It’s time,” said Dorin. “Let’s go,” answered Clash. Clash got onto Enrick’s dragon. He flew for about thirty minutes when he told Hydro, “Here we are, let’s get some whoopin’.”

  17. He jumped off into the tower, knocked out a guard, and . He walked, hiding every time someone looked. He spotted a door. “Yes!” he said in his mind. He went inside and walked a little bit. It started to get darker and darker. “I cannot let you pass,” said a mysterious voice. “I’m Kracko, and you’re Clash.” Clash’s sword started to glow and he saw Kracko. The fight had begun. “Clash there are some things in this world that you can not win,” proclaimed Kracko. “There’s nothing in this world that you can win!” yelled Clash. “Danggggg, you have good come backs,” Kracko said. There were bangs and explosions that could be heard from all over the tower. “Kracko, it’s time for a new D.T. legend!” announced clash. He stabbed Kracko in the stomach, ran to the lock, put all

  18. the spheres into the key, put the key in the lock, and turned it. everything that belonged to D.T. was destroyed. Clash had won! • THE END

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