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  1. Title A world transformation to a Safe Operating Space The need for global scientificcollaboration Text Expert Meeting Science & Technology for SustainableDevelopmentGoals SDSN and UN-DESA New York 16th December 2013 Prof. Johan Rockström Stockholm Resilience Centre 1

  2. From stability and into the unknown – Holocene to the Anthropocene

  3. “Global sustainability has become a prerequisite for human development at all scales, from the local community to nations and the world economy. “

  4. Risks related to agreed global goal of 450 ppm Probability of Exceedance 1,6% 6 Average Global Temp rise at Equilibrium (C) Global Challenges Foundation

  5. The planetary safe operating space

  6. Planetary Stewardship: Transitions to Global Sustainability

  7. Six necessary & desirable Transformations An energy revolution – Facilitating a global energy transformation (>80 % reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050) Future food - a food system transformation to achieve +70% production by 2050 through Sustainable Intensification An urban planet - Achieving sustainable urban living The rising billion - Adapting to the population transition and preparing for a world of 9 billion people Protect, restore & sustain -A biodiversity Management Transformation Strengthen global governance - A private and public Governance transformation

  8. Building on adaptive InnovationA triply green approach to sustainable intensificationrn Rainwater harvesting Conservation agriculture Sustainable sanitation Photo:S Edman/Azote

  9. Green energy Solar PV installations leading countries Wind power in leading countries

  10. A new direction: People and Planet Setting the agenda on Sustainable Development Goals

  11. New collaborations for global sustainability WBCSD, World Resources Institute & SRC

  12. Future Science for a rapidly changing earth

  13. Key Messages The worldneeds a rapid global transformation to a new development paradigm of human prosperitywithin the Safe operating Space on Earth This new ”Anthropocenelogic” placessustainability at the forefrontof all development The challenge? Global ”Revolutions” on food and energy; new approachesto urban development, transport, circulareconomicdevelopment; global governance Science and technologycan and must play a keyrole in deliveringintegrated systems solutions for worldprosperitywithinEarth’s SOS Planetarychallenge, requires Global networkofscientificcollaboration