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The Event

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The Event
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  1. Quality Partnership BoardEvent, 9th June 2009 at NEC Birmingham.Attendees: Paul Glover, Graeme Smith, Mary Thorley, Eddie Green, Alison Davies, John Greensill and Gail Kendall

  2. The Event • Identified important role Learning Disability Partnership Boards have in making sure Valuing People Now happens in our area. • Looked at the priorities in Valuing People Now and how Learning Disability Partnership Boards can lead changes. • Looked at and shared good examples of things our Partnership Board had done.

  3. Built on work already began through the family Leadership Board. • Started to develop a Quality framework for Partnership Boards. • Identified support required and how this can be provided. • Follow-up day in Autumn 2009. The Event

  4. Chris Sholl, Valuing People Regional Lead. • Ross Willmott, Independent Consultant. • Ken Holland, British Institute Learning Disabilities (BILD). • Val Wilkinson, British Institute Learning Disabilities (BILD). Facilitators

  5. What is the job of a Partnership Board? • To know what is happening in the area. • Share Ideas. • Find out what people think. • Planning.

  6. What is Working Well For Walsall?View of Board Representatives • Communication. • Bring People together. • Good debate and discussion. • Disagreements can happen. • Listen and Respect.

  7. What is not Working Well For Walsall?View of Board Representatives • Engage more with Carers. • Talk before decisions are made. • Start looking at Families and the role of Carer and Service User. • How much REAL power do Service Users have? • Advisory Groups should have more of an influence on Partnership Board. • Advisory Groups need to be better organised as some are doing better than others. • More Board influence.

  8. Valuing People NOW Priorities • Top Main Priorities for Government: • Everyone knows about Valuing People NOW. • Every Partnership Board makes a difference. • Personalisation (Choice & Control). • Good Health care. • Housing. • Employment - 24/06/09 new strategy for Learning Disabilities. • 08/07/09 conference for launch of strategy. • Plus one Local Regional priority.

  9. Denise Porter – Deputy Regional Director Regional Priorities: • National Dementia Strategy. • Whole transformation of Adult Services (Personalisation). • Carers Strategy.

  10. Walsall Priorities • Action Planning Framework Worksheet covered areas such as health, education, budgets, workforce, equality and carers. • Walsall group identified priorities: • Social Inclusion. • Public awareness and change of perception towards Learning Disabilities. • Identified and looked at one main area from framework using ‘Four + one Questions’ and decided Health was a priority.

  11. Ken Holland and Val Wilkinson (BILD) Report • Partnership Boards must send a report each year. • A toolkit and self-assessments will help with this. • First report due March 2010. *We all need to help make it happen for everyone, everywhere*

  12. Ken Holland and Val Wilkinson (BILD) Report Template • Being developed. • Delay as being put into easier format to read. • Format not to be changed-need room to learn. • Email out.

  13. Free Support Provided by BILD? • Right people at right level to represent the Community. • Sessions around Partnership Board levels. • Action Plans. • Events and Workshops. • Collect views from Clients. • Equality networks. • Working together with other Boards. • How do you know you have made a difference? *What would the Board think would be useful?*

  14. What was Useful? What Next? • Sharing good practices. • Very interesting. • Work together/training. • Network with other Boards. • Feedback. • Toolkit. • Focus on positives. • Support from BILD.