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Practice sheet 14.A. Practice sheet 14.A . GOOD BETTER BEST. TIME YEAR (time of year) WINTER SPRING SUMMER FALL. 1. SUMMER (bodyshift-or), WINTER, YOU LIKE BETTER WHICH? Which do you like better, summer or winter?. Temperature freezing cold cool warm hot.

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1 summer bodyshift or winter you like better which which do you like better summer or winter
1. SUMMER (bodyshift-or), WINTER, YOU LIKE BETTER WHICH?Which do you like better, summer or winter?
walk general walk use legs specific walk classifier cl1 cl 1 go for a stroll cl 1 walk determinedly
WALK (general)WALK (use legs specific)WALK (classifier: CL1) CL:1 “go for a stroll” CL:1 “walk determinedly”
3. AUTUMN, WIND-(light), COOL, YOU LIKE CL:1-"go for a stroll"?Do you like going for a stroll in a cool autumn breeze?

Note: If the other person has established context, you don’t need to add “o’clock” to your time sign.Signer A: YESTERDAY MORNING YOU WAKE UP WHAT TIME?Signer B: “8”

review winter spring fall summer better vacation wake up here weather go for stroll light wind
Review: winter spring fall summerbetter vacation wake-up here weather “go for stroll” “light wind”
this next slide will show you how to ask how many sick leave days a person gets at their employment
This next slide will show you how to ask “how many sick leave days a person gets at their employment”
9 work you sick vacation how many day can you if you work how many days of sick leave do you get
9. WORK YOU? SICK VACATION HOW-MANY DAY CAN YOU?If you work, how many days of sick-leave do you get?
summer vs black bed vs go to bed vacation time off extended break holiday vs retire version 1 and 2
SUMMER vs BLACKBED VS “Go to bed”VACATION = “time-off, extended-break, holiday” vs RETIRE (version 1 and 2)
5 suppose sick you think go to bed help will do you think bed rest is helpful when a person is sick
5. SUPPOSE SICK, YOU THINK GO-TO-BED HELP WILL?Do you think bed rest is helpful when a person is sick?
full stuffed vs full it is full refrigerator 1 spell ref 2 initialize cold with r handshapes
FULL (stuffed) vs FULL (“it is full”)REFRIGERATOR1. spell REF 2. initialize “cold” with “R” handshapes